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BWA concerned about treatment of Baptists in Middle East

WASHINGTON (BP)–The Baptist World Alliance has issued an appeal to the Israeli government to intervene in the plight of a Gaza Baptist minister whose Palestinian-born wife has not been allowed to return to Israel.

“We are very concerned that Suhad Misaad, wife of Hana Misaad who visited her relatives in Jordan, has not been allowed back into Gaza,” said BWA General Secretary Denton Lotz in a letter addressed to Israel’s Ambassador to the United States. “We feel that this is very unfair and call upon you and your government to give extra permission for Mrs. Suhad Misaad to return to her husband.”

Hana Misaad is the pastor of a Baptist church in Gaza. His wife has been trapped in Jordan since April after Israeli forces would not allow her to return home.

Lotz also issued a word of concern about the Israeli government’s treatment of Baptists.

“We are very concerned,” Lotz said, “about the state of our minority Baptist groups in all of the Middle East and Israel. For centuries Baptists have suffered discrimination, and therefore, have had a long relationship understanding minority situations of our Jewish friends and the nation of Israel.”

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