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FIRST-PERSON: Be available

ATLANTA (BP)–To be greatly used of God in any area of one’s life, a person must make himself available. He must be especially available to God in the place where God called and placed him.

This is true when living out the Christian life in the marketplace. In the Scriptures it is significant that God’s activity and call is most often in the workplace. His call to Peter, his brother Andrew and their companions James and John was at their fishnets and in the midst of the workday (Mark 1:18-20). When Jesus came to Matthew, he went to his workplace to issue the invitation to follow him (Mark 2:14-15).

The amazing sequence to both of these was the effect their response to Jesus had on others that they knew. Other fishermen followed Jesus when Peter responded immediately to Jesus’ invitation. And with Matthew it is recorded: “… now it happened, as He was dining in Levi’s house, that many tax collectors and sinners also sat together with Jesus and His disciples for there were many, and they followed Him….” (Mark 2:15).

Each of these men was available. They were available — immediately — when Jesus passed by them in their places of work. In many ways, the rest is history! Their lives began to make an incredible difference not only during their lifetime but also to this very hour. Many have followed their example of being available!

Today, this is still God’s pattern. Men and women in politics, in sports, in business, in science and in education are being greatly used of God. This is primarily due to their immediate availability.

Many have left their vocations, often at the height of their success in the eyes of the world. Others have surrendered their vocations to the Master for his eternal purposes. Many in the military are responding. Many lawyers and judges are being obedient. Also, truck drivers, railway employees and teachers are becoming available. Many have retired early in order to be available to their Lord immediately.

All of them have greatly affected those around them who saw what they have done.

Has God come to your life? Is he standing there now? Has there been an immediate response to be available?
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