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FIRST-PERSON: Paris Hilton was (partially) right

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP) — Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton committed the pop culture unpardonable sin. She dared to speak unflatteringly about homosexual behavior. As a result, she was shamed into a media mea culpa.

It seems that a conversation Hilton had with a gay friend during a recent cab ride was secretly recorded by the driver. Allow me to describe the exchange as it was recorded. (Due to the graphic nature of Hilton’s comments, I will paraphrase most of the conversation).

Hilton’s friend tells her he uses a smart phone app to meet homosexual men for sex. In a tone that comes across as incredulous, Hilton responds that (remember I am paraphrasing) homosexual men are the most sexually active people in the world. She adds, “They’re disgusting.”

Hilton continues (no paraphrasing), “Dude, most of them probably have AIDS. I would be so scared if I were a gay guy. You’ll, like, die of AIDS.”

While the homosexual community and elites of pop culture may take umbrage to Hilton’s remarks, she was speaking the truth about many homosexual men — a truth that is both tragic and sad. It is also unpopular and mostly ignored by the media.

A three-year study by University of Chicago researchers released in 2004 showed that 42.9 percent of homosexual men in Chicago’s Shoreland area had had more than 60 sexual partners, while an additional 18.4 percent had between 31 and 60 partners. All total, 61.3 percent of the area’s homosexual men had more than 30 partners, and 87.8 percent had more than 15, the research found.

A 1998 study in the Journal of Sex Research reported the sexual behaviors of 2,583 older sexually homosexual men. The report concluded, “the modal range for the number of sexual partners ever … was 101-500, while 10.2 percent to 15.7 percent reported having had more than 1000 partners in their lifetime.”

Marriage does not seem to have much effect on homosexual promiscuity. The New York Times did a story in January 2010 that carried the headline “Many Successful Gay Marriages Share an Open Secret.” The “secret” is that many homosexual marriages are what is known as open — they allow for additional sexual partners.

The Times cited research conducted by San Francisco State University. Other studies have found that many, if not most, male homosexual marriages do not have an expectation of monogamy. Could it be this is why homosexual relationships are frequently described as “committed” but not as “monogamous” or “exclusive?”

Studies indicate that Paris Hilton was correct in her observation that homosexual men are some of the most sexually active people in the world. However, the fact that she finds rampant promiscuous sexual activity “disgusting” is unacceptable to the sensibilities of America’s culture elites.

Hilton also said that she believed that most homosexual men have AIDS. While there may be no way to know if most have AIDS, the sobering statistics indicate that many do.

According to a 2005 report released by the Centers for Disease Control titled “HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report,” male homosexual sex remains the primary means of transmitting AIDS in the U.S. Overall, the CDC found, “55 percent of cumulative AIDS cases reported through 2004 involved the single mode of exposure of men who have sex with men.”

Additionally, the CDC report found that when the multiple modes of exposure that include male homosexual behavior are included, male homosexual behavior becomes the sole or potential cause of 70 percent of all AIDS cases reported in the U.S.

An August 2011 CDC report found that homosexual males accounted for 61 percent of new HIV infections in the U.S. Keep in mind that homosexual men make up less than 2 percent of the overall population.

A 2007 report by the World Health Organization confirmed the pattern of AIDS infection in the U.S applies elsewhere in the world, with the exception being sub-Saharan Africa. The WHO report titled “AIDS Epidemic Update” found throughout the world that AIDS is “primarily concentrated among populations most at risk, such as men who have sex with men, injecting drug users, sex workers and their sexual partners.”

Paris Hilton may not have been totally accurate, and most homosexual men may not have AIDS, but sadly and tragically, many of them do. And promiscuity is prominent in the gay community.

The message she shared with her homosexual friend is not one the pop culture elites like to hear. In fact, they do all they can to ignore it. So, when Hilton dared to utter it, they attacked the messenger and shamed her into repenting.

Paris Hilton may have apologized for her comments, but that does not change the fact that the essence of what she said is true — sadly and tragically true.

“In a time of universal deceit,” said George Orwell, “telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
Kelly Boggs is a weekly columnist for Baptist Press, director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention’s office of public affairs, and editor of the Baptist Message www.baptistmessage.com , newsjournal of the Louisiana Baptist Convention. Get Baptist Press headlines and breaking news on Twitter (@BaptistPress), Facebook (Facebook.com/BaptistPress ) and in your email ( baptistpress.com/SubscribeBP.asp).

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