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Joyous singing draws lost bus driver to Christ, launches new house church

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador (BP)–God used the joy of seven new Christians to draw a lost bus driver to Himself and start yet another new house church in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Jorge, a bus driver in Guayaquil, was hired to transport seven new Christians to a place outside of the city for baptism. During the drive, the Christians joyfully sang praises to God.

Their enthusiastic singing intrigued Jorge, who was not a Christian. Describing the singing as “very contagious,” he asked if the Christians would allow him to return to the city so his family could listen too.

He drove the believers to his home, where the group sang several praise songs for his family. After the singing, Jorge’s family joined the entourage to the baptism.

At the river, two house church leaders baptized the seven new believers. When they finished, they noticed Jorge standing in the water.

“I am a sinner,” Jorge said. “Can I be saved?”

The church leaders shared the gospel with Jorge, who then prayed to receive Christ. Then Carlos, one of the church leaders, baptized him right there in the river.

As everyone filed back onto the bus, Jorge said: “I feel a special fire within me! I want my family to come to know Christ as well! Can you come to my house and start a church there?”

Carlos and Darien, another church leader, began holding meetings in Jorge’s house. The new house church is the 59th meeting place God has started in Guayaquil in the past 10 months.

“Indeed, God is working in Guayaquil!” said J. Guy and Linda Muse, Southern Baptist missionaries serving there.

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