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REVIEW: New Audio A project set for successful liftoff

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–In the wake of their successful project, “Underdog,” and their first greatest hits collection, “Hit Parade,” Audio Adrenaline tries to score again with “Lift,” set to hit stores Nov. 20.

One of the major things I look for from a veteran group such as Audio Adrenaline is progressive maturity in the music they create.

This can definitely be found in singer Mark Stuart whose fervent and thoughtful voice combined with the soft choruses of this album add a special something to the music, giving Lift a matured overall sound.

Musically, Audio Adrenaline has a more relaxed style that differs from their previous projects. This record seems to focus on sounds that resemble slow, modern worship melodies.

They are surely destined to become future worship choruses for youth groups and churches around the country. The songs are very moving, not necessarily with loud music, energy and force, but with passionate and powerful lyrics filled with spirituality.

For example, the tune “Tremble” raves, “I fall down, down on my face. And I’m begging you for mercy. And I’m begging you to forgive everything that I’ve ever done. And I tremble. And I tremble.”

But, fans of “old school” Audio A have no fear. Their rough pop/rock style still shines through and can be found in songs such as “Rejoice” and “Beautiful.”

Clearly the best Audio Adrenaline project to date, Lift is a sure success.

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  • Tim Harms