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Unplanned encounters with Christians nudges Chinese coed to saving faith

BEIJING (BP)–When Sheng-jie* enrolled in a university English class in China last spring with the simple desire to improve her English, the teacher intrigued her, although the coed wasn’t quite sure why.

Gradually Sheng-jie began to believe that perhaps the teacher was a Christian. Toward the end of the semester, the teacher discretely shared her faith in Christ with her students. Sheng-jie was only mildly interested.

During the summer break, Sheng-jie was sitting on a public park bench reading a book when a student from Beijing sat down and began to chat with her. Within a matter of minutes, the student began to share her Christian testimony with Sheng-jie. A young Korean Christian stopped by and enthusiastically joined in the sharing. Still she was not ready to receive Christ.

Several days later, Sheng-jie noticed a tall American who was talking with three Chinese students. As she drew closer to listen to their English conversation, she soon discovered that they also were talking about God. Now she was truly curious.

When Sheng-jie expressed interest in knowing more, they helped her obtain a Bible. She immediately began reading five chapters a day.

Shortly thereafter, Sheng-jie was invited by Christian friends to view the “Jesus” film, after which she committed to further study of the Christian faith with a Christian worker living in China. Less than one month later, Sheng-jie committed her heart and life to Jesus Christ.

Sheng-jie is one of many thousands who have found that even in a country ruled by a government that professes atheism it is hard to get away from the reach of the loving God.
* Name changed to protect identity.

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