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Voice of the Martyrs publishes Pray for the Persecuted Bible in CSB translation

NASHVILLE (BP) – Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), an international non-profit ministry focused on serving Christians in difficult and dangerous places, has published “The One Year Pray for the Persecuted” Bible in the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) translation.  

Published by VOM Books and designed by Tyndale House Publishers, the Bible contains daily devotional readings as well as special features designed to prompt prayer for the persecuted church.

Each of the 365 daily Scripture readings contain a passage from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs in the CSB translation, originally translated and released by B&H Publishing in 2017.

Todd Nettleton, spokesperson for The Voice of the Martyrs, said he hopes the resource will help Christians better understand the plight of persecuted Christians, and pray for them in a more personal way.

“Around the world, the number one request of persecuted Christians is that we pray for them, and this Bible is an ideal resource to help us answer their request,” Nettleton said in a press release.

“’The One Year Pray for the Persecuted Bible’ allows us to enter into fellowship with those who are persecuted for their faith as we bring their needs to the throne of God and spend focused time in his Word.

“With the daily prayer requests that address real-life situations our persecuted family members face, and the true stories of persecuted Christians that are included in this Bible, the reader will gain significant insights about what it means to follow Christ in hostile and restricted nations.”

Included with the resource is a map of nations that are restricted and/or hostile to the Gospel, as well as information detailing the stories of specific persecuted Christians around the world.

Nettleton elaborated on his desire for the resource to personal in comments to Baptist Press.

“I think it is easy to say ‘God, please bless persecuted Christians,’ and that is an important prayer,” Nettleton said.

“But I think our prayers become more passionate when they become more personal. ‘God, please encourage Pastor Wang Yi, who is serving nine years in prison in China for leading and unregistered church there. Please strengthen the widows of martyred Christians in Northern Nigeria, like Grace; provide for her and her three children. Please protect brave believers smuggling Bibles to my brothers and sisters in Iran.’”

“This Bible will help us gain understanding of specific needs, which then allows us to pray more specific and passionate prayers for our spiritual family members living under persecution.”

Nettleton said prayer for the persecuted is crucial for several reasons.

“Firstly, Scripture commands us to pray for persecuted Christians,” Nettleton said.

“Hebrews 13:3 tells us to remember the prisoners as if we were in prison with them. If we were in prison, we would certainly want to know that we were being prayed for. Secondly, prayer is the first request of persecuted Christians. Our persecuted family members know that prayer is the best and most powerful way that we can assist and stand with them.”

Nettleton pointed ou that praying for the persecuted also benefits the very one offering the prayers.

“Praying for persecuted Christians widens our vision to see what God is doing, even in places where governments try to stop Him,” Nettleton said.

“It also broadens our perspective on our own lives and hardships. If God can sustain my brothers and sisters in prison for their faith, certainly He can sustain me in my sickness or in my employment struggles. Christ’s Kingdom is advancing around the world, and we will be encouraged as we are reminded daily of that fact, and as we participate in that advancement through our prayers.”