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Ways to pray for India

DELHI (BP)–Independence Day in India, Aug. 15, is an apt day for Christians worldwide to pray that the people of this Asian giant would find freedom in Christ.

Among the prayer requests of Christian workers in the country:

— As Indians celebrate Swatantrata Divas (their Independence Day), pray that no Indian heart would be satisfied with worldly freedom, that they would turn their eyes to the eternal freedom that can only come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray that Indian Christians would be bold in sharing their knowledge of true freedom with their non-believing neighbors and friends.

— Newesterland is a north Indian who works in southern India and lives with his uncle. Like many young Indians his age, Newesterland talks with pride about those who gave their lives in the struggle for freedom. He gives honor to Mahatma Gandhi, whose efforts helped unite the country in its struggle for independence from the British. Newesterland has no knowledge of Jesus. Pray that Newesterland will hear of and accept the One who gave His life for freedom from sin and death.

— Muida* is a language teacher in southern India. She has heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, but she has not yet accepted Him as her personal Savior. Muida is a Muslim who believes that Jesus was a very powerful prophet, but she does not yet believe that only He can save her from her sins. As Muida continues to hear about Jesus, pray that all barriers would be broken down and she would see Jesus Christ for who He truly is.

— Many high-caste Hindus like Pooja see Christianity as a lower-caste religion. Church-planting movements have been much less successful among high-caste people groups because many Indians find their security and fulfillment in wealth and position. Pray for church-planting movements to take root among high-caste Hindus in India, that God would break high-caste Hindus of their dependence on money so they would begin to search for fulfillment of their spiritual needs rather than just their physical desires.

— Every year on Independence Day, India’s prime minister addresses the nation from the ancient Red Fort in Delhi to celebrate the nation’s many achievements and to look forward to the promise of the year ahead. Pray for India’s leaders that they would make God-honoring decisions as they guide the country. Pray that they would not see the spread of Christianity as a threat, but that they would view the true freedom displayed by India’s Christians as a blessing to the country.

— As the people of India celebrate their freedom, pray that the Holy Spirit would change the people’s concept of freedom. Pray that their eyes would be opened to see that freedom is more than simply the ability to do what one wants, but that their earthly freedom would leave them thirsting for the eternal freedom that can only be satisfied through Christ.
*Name changed for security purposes. Submitted by Goldie Frances, a Baptist writer in southern Asia.

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