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Our annual meeting theme is “A Great Commission People with a Great Commandment Heart.” This issue of SBC LIFE demonstrates that we are seeking to be just that! I just returned from the storm-ravaged state of Alabama. Seeing first-hand the many acts of compassionate service by so many volunteers made me proud to be a Southern Baptist. Read Mickey’s article carefully. Count how many disaster relief teams deployed immediately to serve others in the Name of Jesus. Read about GuideStone’s Mission: Dignity. Ask the Lord how you can assist in serving those who have served the Lord. I am so grateful for this Southern Baptist ministry. I am thrilled to read of the growth in ministry involvement of dear brothers and sisters whose ethnicity and languages differ, but whose hearts beat as one with ours! I give thanks for them. In the area of personal evangelism, I rejoice to hear of individuals being saved through  NAMB’s vital ministry of God’s Plan for Sharing. We will one day give account to the Lord for the role we played—or failed to play—in reaching our own nation with the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ. You will see that our mission boards are exploring new ways to partner with each other to reach the vast pockets of lostness in our own nation and around the world, and our state leaders continue to lead their conventions with integrity in our cooperative work. This issue contains many stories with one theme—Southern Baptists cooperating for the Gospel, on mission together.
How wonderful to be part of the Southern Baptist family.


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