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Everyone Can! … and “I’m It!”

Over the last few months, I've emphasized the reality that truly "Everyone Can" be a part of witnessing to, winning, and baptizing one million people in the coming year. I've also made the point that it boils down to each one of us recognizing that if it is going to get done, we can't expect others to do it — we must embrace an "I'm it!" attitude. The following is the testimony of one of our church members, Sara Cunningham, who attended the Southern Baptist Convention in June and truly caught the spirit.

My trip to the Convention in June with our choir was the first time I had attended an annual meeting of the SBC. On Tuesday, after singing, seven of us called a cab to take us to the Opryland Hotel. When we climbed in, we were all laughing and very talkative. Our driver was named Raad (pronounced "Rod"). As we began talking to him, we discovered that he had moved to Nashville from Iraq as a refugee in 1991. At one point, between 1994-95, he went back to Iraq and worked as a guide. He told us that his parents cannot come to the U.S. because of 9/11, and that he lost his brother in the war. But he was very friendly and seemed to enjoy our upbeat mood.

He dropped us off at the hotel where we took in the sites for a few hours. When we were ready to return, we called him (he gave us his cell number) to pick us up.

This time we all had our spiritual antennae up, and we knew we needed to talk to him about the Lord. Everyone decided I would be the spokesperson … I remembered "Everyone Can and I'm it!" I spoke with him the whole ride back. When we arrived, we gave him a good tip, and all of us felt led to hug him. I was last and said, "You know you have to have Jesus in your heart to go to heaven, and you just need to tell Him you are a sinner." At that point, he began to cry and said he had done too many things wrong in his life. He said, "I'm such a sinner."

I told him that we are all sinners and have fallen short of what the Lord wants for our lives, but that Jesus could change all of that and forgive him and never bring it up or remember it again. It would be just as if he had never sinned. I told him all he had to do was to admit that he was a sinner, ask God to forgive him, and receive Jesus into his heart by praying and asking Him. I also told him that he could do that on his own if he wanted. He said he would, and he hugged me again and drove off.

On Saturday, after returning to Daytona from the Convention, I felt the need to call his cell. I said, "Raad, it's Sara," and he immediately said, "I have missed you so much!"

That sort of surprised me since we had such a short time with him. But then the Lord spoke to my heart and indicated, "Raad saw Me in you, and you gave him hope and help. Your joy was what he wanted." Praise the Lord, I did know that!

I told Raad we had been praying for him and asked if he had prayed the prayer I told him about. He said, "Yes, I did. I pulled over in the hotel parking lot and prayed." I told him if we never see each other again on earth, we will see him in heaven.

I bought him a Bible, a tract, and a Christian music tape to continue encouraging him. I told him I wanted to talk to him further to make sure he understood what he had done and to answer any questions he might have. He said he was working right then but would call me back. I will also connect him with a church in the town where he lives to follow-up and to help him grow in the Lord.

And our little group thought we were going to the Convention just to sing and enjoy Nashville. Actually, the Lord was looking for someone available and willing. What a joy to be "IT!"

This testimony was multiplied hundreds and hundreds of times over the days we had at the Convention. What a joy for me to witness so many that wanted to share their faith and to give hope and help to a lost and dying world. I pray that what we experienced will never dull in your heart and that each of you will always be on the lookout for someone to share the love of Jesus with. Folks, we can do this — one million souls headed for heaven, baptized, and encouraged into church for discipling in one year! Continue to pray with me toward this goal. Are we after numbers? You bet we are, because each number is a soul saved from hell and headed toward heaven.

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  • Bobby H. Welch