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Making a Difference in South Korea

I am so blessed to be able to connect pastors and leaders by encouraging them to develop strong relationships and cultivate cooperation with other conservative evangelical Christians around the world as we continue to witness to the lost about the saving power of our Lord Jesus.

As I travel, I see clearly that God is at work all around the world. Read this testimony by Ann Lovell, a missionary/reporter in South Korea, of what is happening there. Globally, so many are finding and sharing Christ, and I was blessed to see their hearts on fire for soul winning.

Young-Nam Oh came to Christ while studying in the United States, but he did not learn to share his faith until he attended a FAITH evangelistic course sponsored by Tae Hung Baptist Church in Taejon, South Korea.

"In a short time," Oh said, "I learned to witness efficiently."

While a student of evangelism, Oh made a list of the people he wanted to tell about Jesus. One by one, he visited them, and some of them became Christians. This encouraged Oh and he says that evangelism has now become a routine part of his daily life.

"Sharing my faith has given meaning to my life," Oh said.

Jae-Ki Hong also credits the evangelistic program at Tae Hung with changing the direction of his life. Although Hong had attended church regularly since childhood, stress and family problems drove him to seek solace in alcohol. But after attending the program, he learned that he is a new creature in Jesus Christ. He also recognized that the solution to his family's problems lies not in alcohol but in Jesus Christ.

Hong invited his family to attend the evangelism training, and as a result the entire family came to faith in Jesus. Hong now serves as the executive secretary for the evangelism committee at Tae Hung Baptist Church which oversees the courses.

The church also recently received an unexpected guest. In his recent visit to Taejon, Bobby Welch made an unscheduled stop at Tae Hung to encourage the church staff. He also left a message of encouragement on the blackboard to those who would be attending the training that weekend.

The evangelism strategy is offered twice a year at Tae Hung which has more than seven thousand members. They are currently in their seventh cycle, and more than one hundred and eighty are involved this semester. Chong Man Ahn is the senior pastor.

"When I heard how others brought people to the Lord, I wondered if I could do the same," Jin-Young Chang said. "The training helped me share the Message with people I know, and some that I never expected accepted the Message when I shared it with them."

But in spite of the fruit she was seeing, Chang carried a heavy burden. "My husband did not attend church," Chang said. "While I was praying for him, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Everything became dark, but it was God's plan."

Chang shared her faith with her husband as he lay sick and hurting. At Chang's invitation, he tearfully received Jesus. Chang continues to care for her ailing husband and to be involved in this great program.

"I have not stopped sharing my faith with others," she said.

Of course this is December, and the "Reason for the Season" is Christ's birth. What a holy and blessed month this is; I love every bit of it. The kids will never outdo me in their excitement. It is the best month to share the Good News of Jesus because everybody is celebrating, and we just have to tell them why we love to celebrate. I tell them that I love the Christmas trees and all the lights because Jesus IS the light of the world, and when He shines inside of us, all the world can see Him. I love the gifts because God gave the greatest gift and we are reminded of that as we share with others. Again, I urge you to use this great month to share the message of Christ with a lost and dying world.

God bless you and yours this season and have a very Merry Christmas!

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