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Q&A with Mosaic Church Meeting in SBC Building

What is Mosaic Church Nashville?

Mosaic Nashville is a church that began in the founding pastor’s home in East Nashville about fifteen years ago. It grew from there, going through several significant phases of growth and demographics being reached. 

We are very blessed to meet in the Southern Baptist Convention Building, where we began meeting in October 2009. The building staff has been generous and accommodating. We are thankful for the opportunity to expand the stewardship of this resource in providing a Gospel witness to the community. We look forward to continuing in this partnership and even expanding it as we work together to reach Nashville with the hope of the Gospel.

Does meeting in the SBC Building pose unique challenges?

While there are some obstacles to meeting in a denominational office building—like not being able to have signage throughout the week—most people who attend for the first time just see the building as a downtown office building. The auditorium is a fantastic room, and having clean, adequate spaces for the kids is a real blessing.

Who attends Mosaic Church Nashville?

Mosaic Nashville is a predominantly young congregation, composed mostly of couples in their twenties and thirties with children, young married couples without children, and single adults.

The folks who attend are from all over Nashville, with downtown Nashville being a convenient location for our weekly corporate gatherings. Most of our weekday “Body life” takes place in community groups that meet at a variety of locations across the city.

Has the rapid growth in downtown Nashville, coupled with the projected construction on the former LifeWay campus, affected your church’s composition and primary outreach initiatives?

Mosaic Nashville’s composition has not yet been affected greatly by the current growth in the downtown area. But, with so much new construction taking place, we see that changing. We seek to minister to people in the downtown area who come from a broad array of spiritual perspectives and have a wide range of spiritual and physical needs. We hope to develop creative partnerships with others who serve this diverse city to connect more fully with our growing community. 

What does leadership look like at Mosaic Nashville?

For a number of years Mosaic Nashville has been led by biblically qualified elders who are appointed by the church. We currently have three elders, spanning three decades in age diversity, who serve the church in a variety of ways.

As she looks to the future, what are the long-term goals for the church?

Mosaic Nashville seeks to be faithful to the Scriptures and desires to model an authentic example of New Testament church life outlined in Acts 2:42–47 as we reach our community with the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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