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Mohler agrees with amendment to Baptist Faith and Message, shares concern about process

NASHVILLE (BP) – A leading voice in the SBC believes the amendment to the Baptist Faith and Message made by messengers to the 2023 SBC Annual Meeting helps clarify what Southern Baptists believe about the office of pastor. But R. Albert Mohler Jr. has some concerns about the way the amendment was made.

Juan Sanchez discusses Constitutional amendment on office of pastor

NASHVILLE (BP) – Texas pastor Juan Sanchez believes Southern Baptists can walk and chew gum at the same. Sanchez led the way for messengers at the 2023 SBC Annual Meeting to affirm the first reading of an amendment to the SBC Constitution that would include a statement saying only men can serve in the role of pastor or elder in a cooperating church.

Local church autonomy makes cooperation stronger, say Southern Baptist leaders

NASHVILLE (BP) – There is an old, not-so-funny joke Southern Baptist preachers like to tell. It starts with this question: Where is the headquarters of the Southern Baptist Convention?

SBC DIGEST: Conservative Baptist Network hosts Bible conference; NOBTS scholarship helps students affected by COVID

More than 200 church leaders and members from across the Mid-South gathered on the campus of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary for the Conservative Baptist Network’s inaugural Bible conference. Phase two of the Bridge Campaign, a special scholarship fund benefiting New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Leavell College students impacted by COVID-19, has surpassed its goal of $150,000.

SBC DIGEST: Chinese Baptist leader Simon Tsoi dies; North Carolina search team holds first meeting

Simon Tsoi, former executive director of the Chinese Baptist Fellowship, dies; North Carolina search team tasked with finding a new executive director names officers, sets deadline for recommendations.

Evangelism and Missions: The Heartbeat of God

We can witness with great assurance that His Word will not return void; it will accomplish what He pleases.

Hell—The Place of Everlasting Punishment

Hell is a place of eternal punishment and torment where God metes out His wrath against sin.

Heaven—The Place of Eternal Reward

Heaven—the eternal home of every believer in Jesus Christ.

Southern Baptists and the Millennium

The authors of the five articles that follow hold to various stripes of premillennialism and amillennialism.

Participation at the Lord’s Table

When LifeWay Research released a study of Lord’s Supper practices in Southern Baptist churches, it created an immediate buzz among pastors, columnists, and denominational bloggers.