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Randy C. Davis

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FIRST-PERSON: Three concerns regarding the Law Amendment

Messengers attending this June’s Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis will cast votes on items of significant importance. The deciding second-year vote on the “Law Amendment” is at the top of that list.  

FIRST-PERSON: Maximize your vacation

Randy Davis relays 10 suggestions to ministers for vacations that "rest your body, restore your soul, renew your mind, and if you have family, rejuvenate your entire clan."

COOPERATIVE PROGRAM: It begins with Granny Tate

Granny Tate exemplified the countless Southern Baptists whose gifts through the Cooperative Program "mean everything in reaching the world for Christ," Randy Davis writes.

FIRST-PERSON: Childlike awe

Reflecting on a grandson's awe at seeing the ocean for the first time, Randy Davis writes that "we sometimes get so familiar with what God has done and is doing that we lose the awe of Him and the wonder of the work of His hands."

FIRST-PERSON: Unchanged amid transition

The Southern Baptist Convention is in transition, Randy Davis writes, but there is no change in the SBC as a network of "Gospel-preaching churches committed to pursuing the spiritually lost and fulfilling the Great Commission."

FIRST-PERSON: A normal Baptist church

Randy Davis tells of visiting a "normal" Baptist church in a "normal" rural community led by a "normal" bivocational pastor. But churches like First Baptist Howell are "pretty exceptional in my book," Davis writes.

FIRST-PERSON: Keep your eye on the ball

Southern Baptists, Randy Davis notes, have maintained a focus on global evangelism, ministerial preparation and benevolent ministries like orphan care for nine decades through the Cooperative Program. Still today, the resources "to shake this world from beneath the dark veil of spiritual lostness currently reside within our churches," he writes.

‘Getting’ the Cooperative Program

Cooperative Program giving has a direct impact on our ability as Southern Baptists to reach our states and the nations for Christ.

FIRST-PERSON: Do you ‘get’ the Cooperative Program?

"Since its genesis in 1925, the Cooperative Program has been the financial backbone of Southern Baptists' Great Commission efforts and it is as relevant today as when our predecessors launched it by faith. Its impact is profound," writes Randy C. Davis, executive director of the Tennessee Baptist Convention.

FIRST-PERSON: ‘Plow in hope’ toward the harvest

Like farmers, pastors and church leaders work their fields toward an anticipated harvest, Randy Davis writes. Never pause midseason, the Tennessee Baptist Convention's executive director exhorts. "Plow in hope while looking forward to that day when our heavenly Father reveals the fruit of the harvest."