Brandon Sutton

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Where Should Someone Serve in Church?

At the end of the day, don’t make this more complicated than it should be. Serving others in the name of Christ is about love and meeting real needs. Think about Jesus’ ministry. He came to demonstrate the love of God primarily through His sacrificial death upon the cross. His goal was to glorify His Father and reconcile sinners to Himself. Your acts of service should serve that same purpose.

Should Pastors Be Paid?

My first vocational ministry position paid $14,000 per year. I was the Director of Children and Youth Ministries at a small Baptist church in Indiana. I can assure you, the church got their money’s worth out of me.

Should I Take Communion If I’ve Never Been Baptized?

It was communion Sunday. I finished my sermon and began to prepare the congregation to meet one another at the Lord’s Table. I communicated the meaning and significance of the bread and cup (Mark 14:22-25). I then invited all baptized believers to take the Lord’s Supper and remember the Lord’s sacrifice.

Don’t Assume People Know or Understand the Gospel

Sometimes God makes His ways clear for us to see.