Brian Hobbs

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Oklahoma Baptists to send $1M more to SBC for Gospel advance

OKLAHOMA CITY (BP) -- More than 1,000 Oklahoma Baptist messengers and guests from across the state gathered Nov. 11-12 at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City for the 113th Annual Meeting of Oklahoma Baptists. From approving an increased Cooperative Program (CP) spending plan for 2020 that allocates $1 million more to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), to hosting an International Mission Board (IMB) Sending Celebration that sent 29 missionaries to the field, the 2019 Annual Meeting was marked by major ministry milestones.

‘Rachel’s Courage’ evident at Little Axe homecoming

LITTLE AXE, Okla. (BP) -- Under the Friday night lights, members of the school and community of Little Axe rallied to cheer on a star 30 miles southeast of Oklahoma City. The star of this homecoming game on Sept. 20 wasn't a football player, but a young lady who has been battling cancer since 2016.

FIRST-PERSON: Is Sunday still special?

Although Sunday has increasingly been treated like any other day, Brian Hobbs suggests, "In today's hustle-and-bustle world, a dedicated day of rest would be a huge blessing."

FIRST-PERSON: Marijuana’s momentum

With recent ballot box victories for marijuana, Brian Hobbs cautions against panic, setting forth prayer and witness as key steps for Christians concerned about the harm of mind-altering, addictive drugs on families and society.

FIRST-PERSON: Video game diagnosis

With the grip of video games now classified as a diagnosable "disorder," Brian Hobbs notes that parents and grandparents share responsibility for the affliction.

FIRST-PERSON: ‘That’s the Book for me’

Brian Hobbs envisions the idea in the children's song, "The B-I-B—L-E, that's the book for me," becoming a deeper reality in America with the advent of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

FIRST-PERSON: Campuses as mission fields

Today's college students need "droves of Christians who hold the truth and light of the Gospel in their hands," Brian Hobbs writes of America's greatest unreached mission field.

FIRST-PERSON: Your social media feed

Check what you're doing on social media, Brian Hobbs advises. Facebook, Twitter and other social media are "simply extensions of our own personality and character," he writes. "If we pray, listen and love more, the world will notice the difference."

FIRST-PERSON: Save the people

As people watch for April the Giraffe to give birth to her baby, Brian Hobbs ponders with sorrow that the same attention isn't focused on babies in the womb endangered by abortion.

FIRST-PERSON: Siri-ously?

Siri on your iPhone, or a similar program on your smartphone, can answer an array of questions, Brian Hobbs notes, but don't let it become a perpetual distraction that lessens your quality of life.