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In Madrid, he’s mentoring leaders to multiply churches

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Pondering the possibilities
Daniel Peters (left) regularly meets with Christian workers in Madrid to discuss creative methods for evangelism and discipleship to reach the sprawling city’s 6 million inhabitants.
MADRID, Spain (BP)--The playground's dust scatters beneath children's scampering feet as they race for the slide. Mothers stand nearby to monitor the raucous playing, their heads covered with a traditional Muslim scarf. A few loose dogs skid to a stop as they pounce on a ball thrown by their owner. Children's laughter mingles with chirping birds and chatting parents to create a buzz at the neighborhood playground.
      Daniel Peters* strolls among the people in this park, observing their nationalities, listening to their conversations and praying about their needs.

Missionary kids in Madrid expand their parent’s outreach

MADRID, Spain (BP)--Although the International Mission Board appointed Daniel and Teresa Peters* as city strategists for Madrid, their ministry includes the entire family -- Karla, 14, who has lived in Spain since she was 9 and her brother, Tyler, who has lived there most of his life.

Christians in Madrid take various paths of outreach

MADRID, Spain (BP)--It's mid-afternoon in Madrid, and storefronts stand eerily still. As the scorching sun elevates temperatures above 100 degrees, Spaniards race for the relief of air-conditioned rooms. Businesses close between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. People slowly return to work in the early evening, but the city remains relatively quiet until 9:30 p.m.

Missionary kids evacuated from school, families relieved

BOUAKE, Ivory Coast (BP)--Students are safe and missionary families relieved following the emergency evacuation of a missionary school in Bouake, Ivory Coast.

Missionary flow steady since 9/11 as volunteer numbers drop 25%

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)--Large numbers of Southern Baptists continue to offer themselves for missionary service despite the events of Sept. 11, but the number of Southern Baptists involved in volunteer projects has dropped sharply during the past year.

‘Operation GO’ taking gospel to Middle America’s 28 million homes

EL JICARO, Guatemala (BP)--Southern Baptists and other Great Commission Christians are launching an ambitious plan to take the gospel to all 28 million homes in Central America during the next four years.