David E. Crosby

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KATRINA 2005-15: Still in our ‘mind & heart

NEW ORLEANS (BP) -- Survivors of Hurricane Katrina still share their stories, still experience the trauma in "mind & heart," New Orleans pastor David Crosby writes. "Our memories are not all pleasant, but they are powerful," he writes. "And they continue to shape the people that we are and will become."

After Katrina: What God brought out of chaos

NEW ORLEANS (BP) -- Genesis 1:2 recounts: "Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." Here in New Orleans nearly 10 years ago, shapes were buried in the water; large colorful forms distorted by shimmering waves lined the neutral ground of West End Boulevard for miles.

VETERANS DAY: Meditation at a flagpole

"The children, the children," New Orleans pastor David Crosby recounts from an uncle's World War II memories -- an uncle who later became a children's home administrator. "I wonder if maybe he found his calling and his life's work on the battlefield," Crosby writes.

FIRST-PERSON: Let refugee children come

NEW ORLEANS (BP) -- Thousands of Kurdish children have joined the millions of children worldwide who are crossing national borders seeking refuge in difficult times. Having neither the desire nor capacity to inflict harm on others, the children join their mothers and others in flight from harm.

FIRST-PERSON: Did you choose the right vocation?

Whether in the ministry or any other line of work, New Orleans pastor David Crosby reflects on the disappointments as well as the satisfaction and joys that our varied careers provide.

FIRST-PERSON: Baptists, ants & swarm intelligence

New Orleans pastor David Crosby sees a parallel between Baptists and ants: They both display a swarm intelligence by which they achieve great results.

FIRST-PERSON: What mothers teach us

New Orleans pastor David Crosby, in a Mother's Day column, writes that mothers "hold you close, comb your hair, clean your ears and wash your feet just because they love you.

Learning lessons in crisis

NEW ORLEANS (BP)--We will return two of our seven trailers this month. We are seeking to consolidate our storage into one container and planning to remove the port-o-lets. The eight outside shower stalls built by volunteers will be disassembled at summer's end.

I want out of gambling business

NEW ORLEANS (BP)--I am in the gambling business. I don't like it, and I want to stop.       But I am a citizen of Louisiana. My state is reaping a financial windfall from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.