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NYC council endorses church rentals

NEW YORK (BP) -- The New York City Council has overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling on the state legislature to allow houses of worship to rent from public schools.

Stanford opens ‘religious liberty clinic’

STANFORD, Calif. (BP) -- As religious freedom litigation has ballooned in the United States, especially over the last year, Stanford Law School has opened the nation's first legal clinic devoted exclusively to religious freedom cases.

D.C. school voucher program survives, again

WASHINGTON (BP) — After the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program became an issue in the presidential campaign, the Obama administration finally agreed to preserve the program that provides education vouchers for low-income parents for at least another year. The $20 million program, which allows students to attend private schools in a city where the public school […]

Abortion/contraceptive mandate draws 23 suits

WASHINGTON (BP) — Certainly the White House hoped opposition to its abortion/contraceptive mandate would fade as the months passed and as it issued “compromises,” but religious groups have not let up. Organizations have been filing lawsuits in a steady drip, so every few weeks the health care law’s mandate comes into the news again. Forty-three […]

Colson, felon-turned-evangelical leader, dies

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Former Watergate felon turned evangelical leader and Prison Fellowship founder Charles W. "Chuck" Colson, 80, died Saturday (April 21) in Fairfax, Va. He had suffered an intracerebral hemorrhage in his brain in late March and was hospitalized ever since.

Obama challenged on abortion at prayer event

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Speakers at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in the nation's capital usually keep their talks diplomatic. But at this one, with President Obama in attemdance, speaker Eric Metaxas talked about false religion, human depravity, poverty, slavery and abortion.

Catholics, Baptists urge White House to protect conscience rights under health care law

WASHINGTON (BP) -- The Obama administration has ended the government's anti-trafficking contracts with Catholic groups, which many say are the best in the business, and insisted that under its health care law many Christian groups must offer insurance coverage for contraceptives and abortifacients, prompting the first lawsuit on that issue.

Southern Baptist rep. urges prayer for Obama

WASHINGTON (BP) — At the National Prayer Breakfast in February, President Obama noted that his friend, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., prays for him. “It’s comforting to know people are praying for you who don’t always agree with you,” Obama said. “Even though we are on opposite sides of a whole bunch of issues, part of […]