Hance Dilbeck

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FIRST-PERSON: A God-sized vision for the financial health of retired pastors

DALLAS (BP) – Vision is a remarkable thing. God plants a desire in the heart of a servant. The Lord nurtures it, and at the right time, the servant brings the vision out, sharing it with others who embrace the vision and help live it out.

FIRST-PERSON: The importance of a manger

Luke tells us that he did careful research before writing his Gospel. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he worked to piece together important details about Jesus

FIRST-PERSON: It’s not about a place

The power of youth summer camps like Falls Creek comes not from the location, says Hance Dilbeck, but from the work of evangelism by investing in teenagers' lives.

FIRST-PERSON: Thank God for the telephone

"The phone is a gift from God -- the perfect tool for the pastor" during the pandemic crisis, says Hance Dilbeck. He offers step-by-step suggestions for pastors calling their members.

FIRST-PERSON: Don’t let your pastor’s hands drop

Hance Dilbeck underscores the importance of encouragement, especially for pastors who may "grow weary and lose heart." An encouraging word, he notes, "can make all the difference."

FIRST-PERSON: The right tools

Hance Dilbeck assesses the political and spiritual tools available to Christians for building and repairing our nation's moral fiber.

FIRST-PERSON: Needing qualified people

To address the problems plaguing contemporary culture, Hance Dilbeck writes, churches need men and women who are morally, practically and spiritual qualified.

FIRST-PERSON: Calling out the called

Churches need a fresh resolve to call out men to be pastors, Hance Dilbeck writes. "We need more people-loving, Bible-preaching, holy-living, soul-winning pastors. ... Let's challenge people to listen, to imagine the possibility of God's call, to embrace the blessing of a life spent building up the church and advancing the Gospel."