John Weaver

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FIRST-PERSON: More than watching a movie

Following Christ shouldn't be like watching a movie, John Weaver writes. "We're not here on this earth to just watch movies about the Light of the world," he notes, "but we're commanded to go out and be the light of the world."

FIRST-PERSON: ‘Are you mad yet?’

John Weaver marvels at a 100-year-old nursing home resident who remained unfazed amid some distracting moments as she talked about her faith. Mrs. Ruth "reminded me (without even knowing it) that I need to keep my focus on Jesus Christ," Weaver writes.

FIRST-PERSON: Chew and chew and chew

Overcommitment isn't good for you or anyone else, John Weaver writes. To weigh requests for your involvement in a seemingly worthy cause, he suggests asking, How does this potential opportunity align with God's purpose and calling for my life?

THANKSGIVING: Not just a holiday or shopping melee

Thanksgiving shouldn't be a once-a-year event for Christians but a "many-times-a-day experience," John Weaver writes. "Jesus rose from the grave, making His abundant and eternal life possible to those who trust in Him."

FIRST-PERSON: A tiny handshake & squeaky voice

John Weaver recounts the joy reaped from 6-year-old son Noah's handshakes and "Hey Low! How wa you?" greetings at a hospital eye clinic. "It has been so cool to watch as frowns are quickly turned upside down," the Missouri pastor writes.

A baby powder mess & a sin mess

DITTMER, Mo. (BP) -- Our son Andrew really likes baby powder, sugar and salt. The only place he doesn't like them is in the containers they usually come in. He loves for them to cover the floor, bed, toys, clothes, dishes and basically every surface and room in the house. I am still amazed at how quickly the latest supply of baby powder wound up on him, all over our bedroom, one of our cats and parts of the hallway. I had briefly turned away from him to fold some clothes when all of a sudden I smelled a very ...