John Yeats

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FIRST PERSON: Communicating with your valentine

Can you carry on a conversation with your valentine without bringing up work, kids or even church? There is plenty to talk about, writes John Yeats, who says we just have to ask the right questions and listen.

FIRST-PERSON: Spring flowers & a fragrant witness

John Yeats likens the aroma of spring flowers to the fragrance of a winsome witness for Christ in everyday life.

FIRST-PERSON: The playbook

Sports teams have a playbook, John Yeats writes, and Christians have one as well --– "the revealed, infallible, inerrant Word of God, the Bible," revealing "God's purposes and plans for people in whatever context we find ourselves."

FIRST-PERSON: Civility amid the commotion

Amid the culture's social media commotion, John Yeats writes that Southern Baptists can demonstrate "a different, more biblical way to have conversations about the difficult issues we face."

FIRST-PERSON: Must we choose preferences?

Personal preferences, John Yeats writes, often cause needless conflict, even in the church. From a biblical standpoint, however, preferences will be of no avail because "we all must come to God the same way: through the Lord Jesus."

FIRST-PERSON: ‘Must renounce all forms of religion’

Hearing a German tour guide's plight under communism, John Yeats warns of "a near-future coercive culture that is void of reason and moral sanity" in the U.S. "These are days for convictional leadership in our churches, the halls of legislative bodies, and in the marketplace," Yeats, executive director of the Missouri Baptist Convention, writes.

The Cooperative Program, IMB, and the Price of a Happy Meal

CP is the conduit for the most sustainable, multi-generational, multi-faceted mission funding method in Christian history.

COOPERATIVE PROGRAM: Comprehensive, enduring, accountable

The Cooperative Program supports comprehensive, enduring and accountable missions and ministries, John Yeats of the Missouri Baptist Convention writes. It "enables the smallest, largest, youngest and oldest churches to make a multi-generational difference in the world."

FIRST-PERSON: Finding a new perspective

John Yeats, executive director of the Missouri Baptist Convention, writes about his new awareness of colors provided by glasses that correct for color blindness. From the standpoint of faith, he suggests praying about a new perspective, asking God, "Do You have something new for me to learn through Your Word about my choices, about my attitudes … about the sphere of influence where You have planted me?"

FIRST-PERSON: People, churches, stewardship & CP

In stewardship, Missouri Baptist executive director John Yeats writes, "we are individually and collectively engaged in something much greater than ourselves." Southern Baptists' Cooperative Program "gives our churches the methodology to advance the Kingdom of our God for generations and for people who live here and over there," Yeats writes.