Kelvin Joseph

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Journeyman learns faithfulness and flexibility on mission field

When training to be a missionary, instructors and mentors emphasize the need to be flexible, even fluid. Jaden Williamson listened but never thought he’d be put to the test so early in his two-year term with the International Mission Board.

FIRST-PERSON: Effective communication is vital to the mission

A story told well really breathes, so I seek to be specific while building relationships with our Southern Baptist supporters back home. When churches and prayer partners are immersed in our work through hearing stories, I pray they feel they are truly a part of the ministry my wife and I do in Poland with the International Mission Board. 

Polish believer learns real meaning of Easter amid centuries of tradition

KRAKÓW, Poland (BP) – For Mateusz Kowalski*, a Polish believer, Lent and the Easter holiday changed meaning when he gave Christ lordship of his life more than 10 years ago.

Baptist workers join those remembering the Holocaust

KRAKÓW, Poland (BP) -- The twisting of my gut was expected, but it was much deeper than I had imagined. Standing in the place where Nazi Germans murdered more than a million Jews and thousands of other people deemed undesirable, I could not escape the feeling. This wave of emotion flooded over me as I walked through the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, near Kraków, Poland, the city my wife and I have moved to in order to serve with the IMB. January 27, 2020, marks the 75th anniversary celebration of the day when the Soviet army liberated the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in January 1945.

All Saints Day: Fighting for the living

KRAKOW, Poland (BP) -- I had no idea what All Saints Day celebrated. Two years ago my wife and I moved to Poland, a traditionally Catholic country. As night fell on November 1, the soft glow of thousands of candles spread over nearly silent crowd walking or standing near the graves of their loved ones and ancestors. We joined a historical tour that took us to one of Kraków's largest cemeteries. We stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the locals among the booths selling candles and flowers. Families jostled through the crowd on their respectful journeys to visit the deceased. And my heart for this city and its people was transformed.