Leo Endel

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FIRST-PERSON: The preeminence of the Gospel

On Sunday, Feb. 18, Sarah and I traveled to Sioux City, Iowa, to celebrate the retirement of Bob Dillman, my former associate pastor at Southern Hills.

FIRST-PERSON: Lead like Jesus

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was the god who fell in love with his reflection in a pool of water. Today, we call people narcissists when they too, fall in love with themselves. Narcissists see everything from only their perspective. They have an excessive need for attention and approval.

FIRST-PERSON: 20 years ago in Yemen, lives given not taken

A small group of us met Friday night at Layton Avenue Baptist Church in Milwaukee to remember the life and ministry of Kathy Gariety. Along with two other International Mission Board (IMB) medical workers, William Koehn and Dr. Martha Myers, Kathy was killed 20 years ago when a Yemeni man slipped into the Baptist Hospital in Jibla, Yemen. He said he killed them “because they were preaching Christianity in a Muslim country” and “to get closer to God.”

FIRST-PERSON: VBS is worth it

ROCHESTER, Minn. (BP) -- VBS is over! Like every other volunteer across the country who is trying to recuperate and catch up with all the regular tasks that have been left undone, I’m drained emotionally and mentally!

FIRST-PERSON: Thy joy of giving

ROCHESTER, Minn. (BP) – As a kid, our family struggled financially, and as a result, I rarely got an allowance. But when I did, I was taught to give some of it back to the Lord.

FIRST-PERSON: Evil is never completely unrestrained

The Motherland Monument stands 203 feet tall and weighs more than 560 tons. It’s part of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine and is meant to memorialize the heroes of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) after World War II.

¿Qué pasaría si los bautistas del sur dejaran de existir?

Cada vez más, escucho a la gente hablar sobre la lenta muerte de la SBC. Algunos incluso dicen que la elección presidencial del año pasado muestra una separación de tres vías entre los bautistas tradicionales, los bautistas reformados y los llamados bautistas moderados.

FIRST-PERSON: What if Southern Baptists ceased to exist?

More and more, I’m hearing people talk about the slow death of the SBC. Some are even saying last year’s presidential election shows a three-way separation between Traditional Baptists, Reformed Baptists and so-called Moderate Baptists.

FIRST-PERSON: Christianity is not about our rights

No matter your opinion on the issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, showing grace and love to your neighbor should be of utmost importance, Leo Endel says.

FIRST-PERSON: Nothing new under the sun

"The days we now live in are not unprecedented," Leo Endel says, "nor will they continue forever." Endel gives 11 ways we can make the most of this time.