Louis Moore

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FIRST-PERSON: Remembering a great friend, Jim Hefley

HANNIBAL, Mo. (BP)--When I first met James Carl Hefley in 1972 at the Southern Baptist Convention, I was intrigued with his outlook on life and his commitment to Christian journalism. After a lunch in which he described his successful lifestyle as a freelance writer and author, I went home from the convention and told my wife I had met someone whose lifestyle I wanted to imitate someday.

FIRST-PERSON: When career & family needs collide

GARLAND, Texas (BP)--The dilemma is not a new one to baby boomers -- and it's a quandary that will face any caring loved one sooner or later.

FIRST-PERSON: Marriage-enriching decision-making

GARLAND, Texas (BP)--Whether the issue is buying a sofa, making a career move or managing the checkbook, decision-making is one of the biggest challenges to the married life of Christian couples.

FIRST-PERSON: How to avoid holiday gift-giving wars

      GARLAND, Texas (BP)--In the early days in our marriage, it became obvious that picking the perfect Christmas gift for either one of us would be a major minefield in our relationship.
      Conflicts over how much or how little to spend, locating the correct sizes and colors, and failing to pick up on "hints" that allegedly had been dropped during the year made the gift-giving issue more than just a minor annual ripple in our marital sea. The old maxim about "it's the thought that counts" seemed to go out the window at such times. (Photo courtesy of www.freefoto.com)

FIRST-PERSON: When a wife is a fiction writer, most anybody may come to dinner

DALLAS (BP)--I knew life was about to change around our house when my wife, Kay, saved the photo of a hunky blond accountant she interviewed for a newspaper story and tacked the picture up to our bulletin board.

SBC, BF&M depicted as opponents of equality for women in ministry

DALLAS (BP)--Speakers at a national meeting seeking equality for women in ministry urged softer, gentler approaches toward those who oppose them.

Missionary appointment service kicks off Northwest convention

PORTLAND, Ore. (BP)--Just being around international missionaries can be vocationally contagious.

IMB trustees OK record budget, two partnership agreements

PORTLAND, Ore. (BP)--Trustees of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board unanimously approved a record-setting 2001 budget of $254.1 million, after the board's chief financial officer noted giving to the Cooperative Program recently has been especially strong.

IMB trustees ‘stand together’ with SBC agencies on Cooperative Program

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (BP)--Southern Baptist International Mission Board trustees approved a resolution on the Cooperative Program controversy in Texas, received word that the board's chief financial officer is retiring, authorized raises for missionaries and elected a new regional leader for Northern Africa and the Middle East.

New Southern Baptist missionaries recount various ways God called

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (BP)–Some are newly married and others are recently retired. Some are middle-aged with grown children just leaving the nest, while others are expecting babies soon. One is an engineer. Another is an optometrist. Yet another was an oil company executive. Some, of course, are straight out of seminary and others have been serving […]