Mark Coppenger

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FIRST-PERSON: Where the Bible comes alive

NASHVILLE (BP) -- I ventured to the Holy Land this summer for the seventh time, where it's said "the Bible comes alive." Indeed it does, but in a mixed way. There were, as always, both edifying and dispiriting aspects of the tour -- for the Bible is not just a "happy talk" book but also one of stern declaration.

FIRST-PERSON: Evangelism: an intervention

Seminary professor Mark Coppenger likens an intervention for an addict to God's intervention to rescue a person "out the poison and rot of self and sin."

FIRST-PERSON: The Bible & health care

Seminary professor Mark Coppenger reflects on the national brouhaha over health care by setting forth a biblical perspective on health, medicine, death and eternity.

FIRST-PERSON: God, Allah & sacrificial love

Seminary professor Mark Coppenger explains the difference it makes to worship the God whose personal sacrifice was horrendous on behalf of sinners.

FIRST-PERSON: Where the zealots are

NASHVILLE (BP) -- Reza Aslan's bestseller, "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth," is a Procrustean Bed. (You remember the Greek mythological figure who sized people to his bed by either stretching them or lopping off limbs.)

FIRST-PERSON: Who put the ‘3:16’ in John 3:16?

Columnist Mark Coppenger answers a question Bible readers sometimes ask: Who divided the Bible into chapters and verses?

FIRST-PERSON: What’s in an Old Testament name?

Just by knowing a few key words, a Bible reader can understand the meaning behind Old Testament names, says columnist and seminary professor Mark Coppenger.

FIRST-PERSON: Looking for a fix

Seminary professor Mark Coppenger takes stock of the idea that the country can fix the problem of schoolhouse shootings and other forms of gun violence.

FIRST-PERSON: Israel’s plight

Columnist Mark Coppenger says if Israel gives in to the demands of the Palestinians, it would be the end of the Jewish nation.

FIRST-PERSON: Is Proverbs 22:6 a guarantee?

Columnist and seminary professor Mark Coppenger answers a question sometimes asked about Proverbs 22:6 ("Train up a child ..."): Will all children raised in godly homes turn out OK?