Paul Kim

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FIRST-PERSON: Easter and the body of Christ

Paul Kim tells the story of a man who was led to Christ on Good Friday -- the same day the man was taken to the hospital for COVID-19. "The pandemic has shown clearly that we cannot take for granted the time we're given," Kim says.

FIRST-PERSON: What are you waiting for?

Paul Kim recounts the story of a family's 65-year wait for the remains of a POW to be returned to them. "Why does God want us to wait?" he asks.

FIRST-PERSON: ‘One way — Jesus’

"Since the nature of man's sin has not changed," says pastor Paul Kim, "the truth of the Word of God is relevant for all mankind throughout history."

FIRST-PERSON: Hope of eternal life

Using King David, Dwight Eisenhower and Billy and Franklin Graham as examples, Paul Kim asks, "What legacy will you leave in your generation?"

FIRST-PERSON: Where are they now?

Rather than dwell on the past, Paul Kim advises, "while we still have life we should invest our lives in relationships because time to love is short."

VETERANS DAY: The life of an Army chaplain

Military chaplain Paul Kim shares the importance of a Gospel witness among those in uniform. "Even when our Armed Forces are not engaged in military warfare, they are in the midst of spiritual warfare each and every day," he says.

FIRST-PERSON: What is your badge of honor?

Paul Kim, Asian-American relations consultant with the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, reflects on lessons learned while volunteering as a police chaplain in Cambridge, Mass. "As Christians, we should have a certain presence of authority, not based on our good behavior or our high credentials, but purely through our identity in Christ."

FIRST-PERSON: Confronting sickness & death

Until becoming a hospital chaplain, Paul Kim writes, "I had never experienced sickness and death so closely."

FIRST-PERSON: My first baptismal service

"It was an unforgettable moment," Paul Kim recounts of his first time to wade into the baptistery as a young pastor. "Three college students I had ministered to in Los Angeles wanted me to baptize them at the inaugural worship service."

FIRST-PERSON: The worth of work

Recalling his work in a bakery and in the military, Paul Kim sees "the guiding hand of God" that led into his 38 years as a pastor.