Todd Kaunitz

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FIRST-PERSON: Winning the world to Christ together

What I have discovered in my life, and in the life of most Christians, is that prayer is often relegated to a mere routine, a preparatory exercise before the real action of our day begins. This is why prayer for many is powerless and meaningless.

FIRST-PERSON: Evangelism needs prayer over pragmatism

or many years now, the church has relied on pragmatism. We have more books, conferences, and podcasts resourcing us with strategic approaches to ministry leadership. Much of what is produced today focuses on the Xs and Os of ministry execution. There’s nothing wrong with practical approaches to ministry, but relying on them to fulfill the Great Commission is pragmatism.

FIRST-PERSON: God’s Word is worthy of our wholehearted devotion

LONGVIEW, Texas (BP) – One of the foundational beliefs we share as Southern Baptists concerns the nature of the Bible. Historic Christianity teaches that the origin of the Scriptures is not man, but God Himself. So when we hear the words of Scripture, we are hearing the voice of God.

FIRST-PERSON: Let’s charge ahead with confidence

As a former athlete and coach, I have competed in games that demanded a strategic plan to win. At times, this required multiple options – a Plan A and a Plan B – while at other times we needed to be committed to a singular strategy to bring us victory. When it comes to fulfilling […]