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95-year-old pastor featured in prayer movement documentary

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (BP) — A documentary about the global prayer movement “Praying on the Mountain” was released by Mud Creek Baptist Church Sunday (May 17).

The documentary, produced by Mud Creek Baptist staff, follows the life of Fred Lunsford, the 95-year-old preacher and revivalist who started the prayer movement, which saw thousands of people praying on the same day — May 5, 2020 — for revival and spiritual awakening. See related story.

The film tells the story of Lunsford’s initial experiences with God and how he learned of the power of prayer as a child. It continues through his time as a Southern Baptist pastor, all the way up to the calling he felt, at age 93, to inspire and encourage others to pray for spiritual revival. Watch the documentary here.

“The great power that God had given him really came through prayer, and he would exercise that in his last assignment to pray for spiritual awakening in America,” said Greg Mathis, pastor of Mud Creek Baptist, in the documentary.

Lunsford recounts how after a long life full of ministry and service and several years after his wife had passed away, he asked the Lord to take him home to heaven. Lunsford says when he asked God why he was still in this world, God gave him the mission to pray for revival and get as many involved as he could.

Lunsford’s call eventually led to the global event, which saw more than 200,000 people committed to pray for revival. Among them was Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Ronnie Floyd, who joined Lunsford and Mathis May 5 for a “Praying on the Mountain” online broadcast.

Lunsford says God is now prompting him to ask for one million people to join in prayer for spiritual revival. Pledge to pray at Mud Creek Baptist Church.

Watch the documentary below:

Praying on the Mountain Documentary from Mud Creek Media on Vimeo.