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Junior threatens to retire if Reds don’t step it up

CINCINNATI (BP)–Ken Griffey Jr. has been a minor target of columnist Tim Ellsworth before. Now Ellsworth writes that it’s time to open fire.

Junior recently went on a half-hour rant to the Cincinnati Enquirer complaining about the way the Reds are being handled, specifically by general manager Jim Bowden. He doesn’t like the thought of the Reds rebuilding and trading guys like Danny Graves, Pokey Reese, Dmitri Young and Sean Casey for young prospects.

“I want to win and I don’t want to see a bunch of good players on this team go somewhere else and win,” Junior said. “If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have deferred as much as I did and offer to defer more if they needed it.”

Read Ellsworth’s reflections on Griffey’s comments at BPSports, www.bpsports.net.

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