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Lifeway launches CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) — Lifeway Christian Resources hopes its newly released “CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible” encourages women of all ages to study God’s Word and be inspired to grow and worship alongside their community. The result of a four-year Bible project, the “CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible” includes an in-depth collection of inspirational articles, devotional commentary, study tools and other Bible-reading helps from prominent voices in the Lifeway Women community.

“I’m thrilled this Bible is truly designed for women and includes supplementary content written by women,” said Becky Loyd, director of Lifeway Women. “We are committed to helping women grow in their spiritual lives by providing these types of resources. A Bible designed for women by women can be very accessible to a new believer and also provide a fresh view to a seasoned Christian woman.”

The Lifeway Women’s team says they believe as women explore God’s living and active Word, their lives will be changed, inevitably affecting those around them (Hebrews 4:12).

“We hope the features of this Bible will draw women more deeply into reading and engaging Scripture for themselves, so they continue to grow in their relationship with God,” said Dustin Curtis, project editor for the Bible and reference team at Lifeway. “They should then be emboldened to minister to others out of the abundance of God’s faithful love for them.”

The “CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible” features the text of the Christian Standard Bible© (CSB), which was designed to be highly readable and highly reliable. In developing the CSB, the editorial team said they wanted to stay as literal as possible to the Bible’s original meaning without sacrificing clarity, making it easier to engage with Scripture’s life-transforming message and to share it with others.

“The Lifeway Women’s team is well-known for producing rich biblical content for women’s discipleship for the church at large. Through their ministry to the church, they have built a leading community of female authors and teachers and have faithfully stewarded that content for the flourishing of women’s ministries across the globe,” said Andy McLean, publisher for the Bible and reference team at Lifeway. “Because of their faithful stewardship, we believe this women’s Bible will have tremendous ministry impact.”

This study Bible for women came from the understanding that the experience of reading God’s Word is enriched by the company of fellow believers who provide insight and perspective. Over the years, the Lifeway Women’s team said they have learned from the teaching of their fellow sisters in Christ and grown together toward Christlikeness, and they wanted to share some of those teachings with more women in an easy-to-access format.

“We hope everything we do points women to the living and active Word of God. A partnership with the CSB team made sense for us,” said Elizabeth Hyndman, editorial project leader in women’s ministry at Lifeway. “Our studies encourage women to dive into Scripture for themselves, and when they dive into the ‘CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible,’ they’ll be met with helpful commentary, word studies, devotional thoughts, reflection questions and more. We hope this partnership highlights the accessibility of Scripture and encourages women to read God’s Word to know Him more.”

This Bible is packed full of features that help provide women knowledge of God and understanding as they read Scripture. Each of these features points women to the inerrant Word of God and is intended to enhance the reader’s engagement with the Bible. These features include Bible Study and devotional content from Lisa Harper, Kelly Minter, Jackie Hill Perry, Priscilla Shirer, Angie Smith and other Lifeway Women authors.

“We’re bringing together a wide range of beloved Lifeway Women authors together with some new voices in this Bible,” Curtis said. “Pairing these voices with an accurate, readable and shareable translation like the CSB will drive its readers back to God’s Word and to experience His truths for themselves.”

With nearly 100 articles and more than 130 short devotional thoughts placed throughout the Bible alongside corresponding biblical texts, the study materials included in this Bible foster deep reflection on Bible passages and topics focused on the life needs of women.

“I believe it’s important to further the status of women as Bible scholars and theologians,” Loyd said. “If our resources inspire just one woman to want to be a theologian, writer or Bible teacher, then I would count that as a success.”