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Moody Publishers launches new online resource ‘BibleToLife’

CHICAGO, Ill. (BP) – Moody Publishers has launched a new digital resource designed to support and expand on their print publishing resources called Bibletolife.com. The website contains hundreds of pages and articles aimed at reaching those searching for spiritual answers online.

Launched in November 2021, the site contains content written by authors such as Tony Evans, Alistair Begg, Trillia Newbell, John MacArthur and Priscilla Shirer, professors from Moody Bible Institute (Chicago) and more. The site is a combination of content adapted from previously released books and brand-new content written specifically for the site.

Articles cover topics like salvation, heaven and hell, sexuality, church history, spiritual disciplines and mental health.

Chris Martin, content marketing editor at Moody Publishers, said the mission of the site is to “lead people to learn about, engage with and love the Word of God.”

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Martin said there is data to show people have been searching for answers to deep spiritual questions online.

He said he hopes the timing of the resource’s release can provide a needed source of biblical truth during trying times, adding that the pandemic “definitely has lit a fire under us to motivate us and inspire us that this is important work.

“We know a lot of people are searching the internet for questions about faith, but it’s hard to know if the answers they are finding are theologically trustworthy. Some people are going to Google with their deepest longings and wonderings before they’re going to their pastors or their parents.”

He said Moody desires to create the site as a way to minister to those who may never pick up one of their physical books but are looking for answers.

“We know plenty of people around the world who could really benefit from our resources but would never pick up a 200-page book,” Martin said.

The site’s connection to Moody Bible Institute and Moody Radio makes it unique from other “evergreen” Christian content sites.

“Our radio hosts will often, if not daily, get all kinds of questions from listeners … the hosts often want to be able to point their callers or the person they are corresponding with to a website so they can find a longer-form answer to their question,” Martin said.

“Our hope in developing this resource is that it could be a trustworthy home for long-form Bible explanation and Bible application content that our radio hosts and listeners could benefit from. I think the way that we all (Christian websites) create content online is really just small bricks that we can use to build a more effective and more redemptive relationship with the social internet in general.”

As more and more people go online and look to social media to look for answers to life’s essential questions, Martin believes the site will give solid authors an opportunity to provide solid answers.

He believes Christians would be wise to ask, “Is this tool driving a wedge between me and Christ or is it bringing me closer to him and making me more like Him?” as they search the internet.

January is Christian discipleship emphasis month on the SBC calendar. Martin said even more than helping people simply understand the Bible, Moody desires the site to be a resource to help people apply the Bible to their lives as disciples.

“The name ‘BibleToLife’ explained exactly what we were hoping to do in showing people how the Bible really can lead to new life in Christ and help people come to understand the Gospel,” Martin said.