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SBC DIGEST: Lifeway launches ‘Experiencing God Bible’; Jason Allen ‘Turnaround’ book released

‘Experiencing God Bible’ helps readers recognize God’s voice

By Aaron Wilson/Lifeway Christian Resources

NASHVILLE (BP) – Over the past three decades, millions of Christians have used “Experiencing God” resources to dive deeper into the Bible. Now, for the first time ever, Christians can discover “Experiencing God” teaching aids directly within the pages of Scripture in the newly released “CSB Experiencing God Bible.”

The latest study Bible to feature the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) translation, the “Experiencing God Bible” features commentary notes and questions for reflection that are based on the bestselling book and Bible study. First published in October 1990 by Lifeway Christian Resources, “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby and Claude King promotes a God-centered way of life that helps people know God intimately, recognize His voice and understand His will for their lives. In the past 32 years, “Experiencing God” has become a perennial favorite, selling more than 8 million copies in English and translated into over 75 languages.

“It’s no surprise that the content from the original ‘Experiencing God’ book and Bible study have played a pivotal role in the discipleship of multiple generations of global Christians over the years,” said Andy Mclean, publisher for the Bible and reference team at Lifeway. “We’re thrilled to now offer updated content from Richard Blackaby in the ‘CSB Experiencing God Bible’ so a new generation of Christians can grasp the necessity of hearing from God and understanding His will for their everyday lives.”

The “CSB Experiencing God Bible” features book introductions, prompts for encountering God, biographies of biblical characters and full-color design elements. Perhaps most notable, however, is that each chapter of the Bible is bookended with a set of “prepare to meet God” questions at the beginning and “did you notice?” follow-up questions at the end. This unique feature woven from the first pages of Genesis to the final “amen” in Revelation allows Christians to use this Bible for systematic study through each chapter and book or for a pick-up-and-go study on any section of Scripture.

“The design and structure of this Bible lends itself to be used either individually or within a group setting,” McLean said. “For those who are familiar with the legacy content of ‘Experiencing God’ either in the book or Bible study format, they will find the lessons and principles learned there have been applied across every book of the Bible, helping them expand their engagement and understanding of Scripture.

“Both individual readers and groups will find a structured template as they work their way through the Bible, providing them with added explanatory content and questions to work through, chapter by chapter. And the single-column format provides space in the margin to write so readers can record their answers to these questions either for their own benefit or as they work through them in a group context.”

Reflecting on the legacy of his father’s work on the original “Experiencing God” study, Richard Blackaby said there was no way to know how dramatically the study’s message would be received or how it would spawn a multigenerational movement of people seeking to recognize God’s voice. “My dad always said there is a deep longing in people’s hearts to know and experience God,” he said.

More information about the “CSB Experiencing God Bible” can be found at Lifeway.com.

President Jason K. Allen’s Turnaround Released by B&H Publishing

By Breett Fredenberg/MBTS

KANSAS CITY, Mo – Midwestern Seminary announced Sept. 13 the release of President Jason K. Allen’s newest book, Turnaround: The Remarkable Story of an Institutional Transformation and the 10 Essential Principles that Made it Happen, published by B&H Publishing.

In the book, Allen shares the leadership principles he learned through the turnaround of Midwestern Seminary – principles that are applicable in any area of leadership.

Recognizing the vast number of resources available for aspiring leaders today, Allen shares what distinguishes his book from conventional leadership practices.

An institutional story

“There are two distinguishing facts that make Turnaround different from so many other leadership materials,” he said. “First, there’s an institution story behind it that proves the practices and principles contained therein.

“I believe the story of Midwestern Seminary itself ought to encourage every leader regardless of their circumstances. I hope the reader is inspired by the narrative, motivated to be a better leader, and reinforced in their basic convictions about leadership. My goal is that this book will enhance a generation of faithful leaders who thus will strengthen a generation of churches, institutions, and organizations.”

Allen views his leadership as a stewardship from God. He firmly believes the story of Midwestern Seminary is ultimately God’s story.

“God’s kind providence has been on us every step of the way, and that’s a story that needs to be told,” he said. “In so doing, I hope to strengthen the hand of Christian leaders regardless of their context of service. Whether it’s in the home, an institution, the local church, or even in a secular context, this book has something for every leader. I pray it’ll be widely read, and that as it is, a new generation of Christian leaders will rise to the challenge.”

“This fascinating story is proof positive that turnarounds can happen. We have experienced one. So can you.”

A Simple Approach

The second distinguishing fact that makes Turnaround different is its simple approach. “This book is also different because I argue that leadership is largely intuitive, contextual, and commonsensical,” Allen said.

“This book turns conventional leadership wisdom on its head. I am not a leadership expert hawking new insights or new approaches, nor do I plan to sell you a never-ending stream of leadership resources. In fact, I’ll make another confession: if you’re looking for a leadership guru, you’re looking in the wrong place.

“I believe faithful leadership is remarkably simple. Not easy, but simple. To be faithful leader you likely need to do less, not more. Leadership, I argue, is largely intuitive, commonsensical, and yes, spiritual in nature.”

Read the full story here.

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