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Southwestern Seminary returns to historic seal

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) — Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has returned to its historic seminary seal as its primary institutional logo.

Featuring the institution’s iconic B.H. Carroll Memorial Building, the logo has signified Southwestern Seminary since at least 1970, and will now once again be used to represent the seminary’s dedication to equipping God-called men and women for Christian service.

The announcement came during spring break when, on the 111th anniversary of the seminary’s founding on March 14, 1908, Southwestern Seminary President Adam W. Greenway proclaimed the change via social media. He wrote, “When you see that royal blue/white dome, you know it’s Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.”

“It’s important to me to help reconnect our seminary with the best of our history and heritage and legacy,” Greenway explained. “The seminary seal communicates our identity, our brand and our legacy.”

Since its construction, the Memorial Building — particularly its iconic dome — has been a symbol of Southwestern Seminary and perhaps the most recognizable feature of the Fort Worth campus. Named for Southwestern Seminary founder B.H. Carroll, the building comprises Scarborough Hall (named for President L.R. Scarborough), Truett Auditorium (named for Pastor of FBC Dallas George W. Truett), and Fleming Hall (named for donor William Fleming).

When the Memorial Building was first constructed, the world map on the floor of the rotunda lay at the geographical center of the seminary campus. Although the map is no longer its center due to the campus’ expansion in the ensuing decades, the seminary noted, the world continues to lie at the heart of Southwestern Seminary’s passion for evangelism and missions. The building, therefore, continues to symbolize the seminary’s commitment to equipping its students for Kingdom service.

“When you stand underneath that dome, in that hall of heritage, upon that etched map of the world with a star for Fort Worth, Texas, you think about the legacy — generations of students and others who have not only sensed God’s call, but have responded to God’s call and been equipped for global service here on our campus,” Greenway said.

The seal also emphasizes the seminary’s location in Fort Worth, Greenway said.

“As Dr. [Robert] Naylor said, the sun never sets on Southwestern Seminary; but the light that shines the farthest shines the brightest at home,” Greenway noted. “… It was important to me to reinvigorate our sense of location and presence in the city we have called home since 1910, which is Fort Worth, Texas — the greatest place in the world to do theological education.”

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