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FIRST-PERSON: How pro-Life activists should react to the Republican Party platform change

As has been reported in multiple news outlets, the Republican Party significantly amended its issue platform this year. The current language reads:

FIRST-PERSON: 3 factors that lead to unchurched Christians

According to Lifeway Research, among Protestant pastors in the United States, 3 in 5 consider someone in their congregation a regular churchgoer if they attend church at least twice a month. Come to church every other Sunday (26 times a year) and you’re now considered a regular in the American church. To say that infrequent is the new frequent is not an exaggeration.

Independence Day,  Let Religious Freedom Ring!

On this July 4th may we continue to celebrate and pray for the freedom of religion established by our Founding Fathers.

FIRST-PERSON: Finding freedom in Christ

As I watch our fallen world today, there are many people who are living in bondage and fear. Many people have no idea what true freedom is because they have never experienced it. The life they are living is the only life they have ever known.

FIRST-PERSON: Doors are open for global missions partners in the Middle East 

For years, my husband, Matt, worked for the International Mission Board as a photographer. While on a trip covering the plight of Middle Eastern refugees, the trajectory of his career with the IMB changed. With each click of his camera, he was so moved with compassion that he began to feel God calling him to minister to them full time.  

FIRST-PERSON: The God who fights for us

During a basketball game when I was in school, I was fouled in the act of shooting, but the referee did not blow the whistle. Suddenly I heard this bellowing come from my usually mild- mannered coach. I turned just in time to see him launch a towel over his head way up into the stands.

FIRST-PERSON: 5 quick tips for VBS follow-up

The days and weeks immediately following VBS are the most crucial for outreach. But so often this critical element seems to fall through the cracks. We all have good intentions for connecting with children and families again after VBS, but then the aftermath of VBS kicks in. The excitement of VBS is over; people are tired; life returns to normal; it’s time to go on vacation … there are tons of excuses, and most are valid.

FIRST-PERSON: Rethinking pastor compensation

Is your pastor making a living wage? Our pastors willingly carry many burdens on their congregation’s behalf, but financial hardship should not be one of them. When they answered the call to ministry, they didn’t go in with the expectation of building wealth but they did hope to earn a solid income to provide for themselves and their families and to finish well financially. 

FIRST-PERSON: Children are to be desired but not by any means possible

Last week, messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Indianapolis overwhelmingly adopted a resolution focused on the dignity of the human embryo and the ethical realities of commonly used reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization (IVF).

FIRST-PERSON: An Indy celebration

“There’s a lot to celebrate,” said our new SBC president Clint Pressley during his press conference following his election. Clint was underscoring the good news which came out of our recent SBC meeting in Indianapolis.