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EXPLAINER: 5 things Christians should know about Ramadan

Imagine fasting for 28 days. No food or drink during daylight hours. It’s about more than testing your willpower. Your social standing and status with God depend on how well you do with this task. For Muslims around the world, this is their reality for the next month. This year, Ramadan starts on the evening […]

FIRST-PERSON: Church planting as a tool for advancing the kingdom of God

LAS VEGAS – I recently spent time in Southern California with 600 church planters and their wives during a Send Network Gathering. They are all planting churches in the Mountain and Pacific time zones.

FIRST-PERSON: Christians need not apply

The Western Elementary School District, which covers parts of Glendale and Phoenix recently ended its contract with Arizona Christian University. The agreement facilitated student-teacher training, which created a pathway to employment for ACU graduates.

FIRST-PERSON: The urgency of the gospel

I must admit, I am writing this article with deep sadness in my heart. A gentleman I know and have dealt with in various capacities passed away suddenly this week. He was quite unassuming and really did not have much of a family. He was a man of few words, a very private individual who lived alone all his life. Yet, he was a good man who poured his heart into the things he loved the most.

FIRST-PERSON: Plan now for Baptism Sunday 2023

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP) – “Buried with Christ in baptism and raised to walk in the newness of life.” These words, and others like them, have been declared by pastors thousands of times across North America in the last few years as people who have placed their faith in Christ for salvation have been baptized. This act of obedience and public proclamation of faith in Christ is a blessing to behold.

FIRST-PERSON: Complementarianism, confessionalism and cooperation

TIGERVILLE, S.C. (BP) – Southern Baptists are overwhelmingly a complementarian convention of churches. This means we are committed to biblical teachings about distinct-yet-complementary gender roles for men and women, as well as the principle of male leadership in the family and the church.

FIRST-PERSON: Hope for American evangelicals

Perhaps, like me, you’ve had the experience of returning to a place that was once familiar, only to find it different than you remember—or rather, the place is the same, but you have new eyes as you walk through it.

FIRST-PERSON: The long strange trip of Lonnie Frisbee

(RNS) — One of the most captivating and distinctive personalities in the upcoming biopic “Jesus Revolution” is Lonnie Frisbee, whose memory is being revived through a brilliant portrayal by actor Jonathan Roumie. Lonnie was the face and a catalyzing force of the Jesus movement that rippled through the late 1960s and early 1970s. During that time, […]

FIRST-PERSON: How our church has seen the gospel overcome racial division

The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre ranks among the deadliest incidents of racial violence in U.S. History—with estimates of up to 300 deaths in the African American community, more than 800 hospitalizations, and countless Black-owned businesses and homes burned to the ground in a matter of hours.

FIRST-PERSON: A church of courage

The pastor of a congregation in the slum of Santa Lucas invited me to preach during a special event for his church. Several murders had recently occurred in the community, and the pastor wanted me to encourage his people to not be fearful. He told me the theme of the event: “Men of God who are not fearful.”

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