Bart Barber

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FIRST-PERSON: Six-month update 

Six months have passed since we gathered in New Orleans for the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. At this halfway point between New Orleans and Indianapolis, here is an update on the activities of the Convention. 

FIRST-PERSON: The best and worst Christmas I’ve ever had

FARMERSVILLE, Texas (BP) – Changes in life can be very destabilizing to Christmas tradition. But they can also help us to understand, maybe better than the people who aren't going through difficult times, about the true meaning and significance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it applies to Christmas.

Life after Roe: responding to a historic Supreme Court decision

Watch Governor Bill Lee (Tenn.), Dana Hall McCain, ERLC acting president Brent Leatherwood, and SBC president Bart Barber discuss the monumental Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Comentarios de apertura de Bart Barber en la conferencia de prensa presidencial

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) — Ayer fue un día histórico para la Convención Bautista del Sur. Hace un año, los mensajeros de la convención crearon el Grupo de Trabajo sobre Abuso Sexual y exigieron que la investigación fuera exhaustiva, inquebrantable y sin redacción. Durante un año, este proceso ha estado desarrollándose, y aunque ha habido muchos giros y vueltas, la política de nuestra convención ha funcionado al final.

FIRST-PERSON: Bart Barber’s opening comments in the presidential press conference

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) -- Yesterday was an historic day for the Southern Baptist Convention. One year ago, Convention messengers created the Sexual Abuse Task Force and demanded that the investigation be thorough, unflinching and unredacted. For a year, this process has been unfolding, and although there have been many twists and turns, our convention’s polity has worked in the end.

FIRST-PERSON: The autonomy of the local church

Key misunderstandings of the doctrine of local church autonomy have played a role in the mishandling of reports of sexual abuse at the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. Some of the same misunderstandings were used to object to the Conservative Resurgence on the ground that it violated local church autonomy.

FIRST-PERSON: Rescuing resolutions

FARMERSVILLE, Texas (BP) – Last week, I encountered at the SBC annual meeting (not for the first time) the idea that the Southern Baptist Convention ought to do away entirely with the resolutions process. The sentiment is widely held, deeply held and rationally held. The underlying rationale, if I might summarize, is that the resolutions process accomplishes nothing other than causing trouble.

SBC DISCUSSION: The nadir of the SBC?

FARMERSVILLE, Texas (BP)–The Baptist Press headline was ominous: “Phoenix SBC attendance lowest since ’44.” Like most people, I was prepared to see a slight dip in SBC attendance just because we were going all the way to Phoenix. But as the headline makes clear, the paucity of messengers in Phoenix cannot be explained by the […]