H.B. Charles Jr.

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FIRST-PERSON: The complicated legacy of a bishop who was sincerely wrong

Waking up after a long Sunday nap, I surfed channels and landed on Carlton Pearson’s broadcast. He was a younger preacher than many on TV. His church was jampacked, mega-sized, and racially diverse. A traditional black preacher, Pearson even “whooped” – backed by a Hammond organ. This set of ministry dynamics is rare now. Imagine how alien it was 30 years ago.

4 Considerations for Those Seeking a Seminary

Not every preacher will have the opportunity to go off to seminary to prepare for ministry. But if you have the opportunity to go to seminary, by all means, do it. Of course, this is not a word from on high. And I understand that you must factor in your present family, work, and ministry responsibilities—not to mention the money. But if there seem to be green lights at these intersections, I would encourage you to prayerfully go forward and begin school.

FIRST-PERSON: Keep your heart with all vigilance

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (BP) – Proverbs 4:23 consists of an exhortation and an explanation, a command and a reason. The verse begins with a call to keep your heart with all vigilance. Like a soldier defending his post against attack, you must guard your heart.

FIRST-PERSON: Lesson from a generous widow

The recollection of squandering a needy widow's love offering as a young preacher helps H.B. Charles remember the need for pastors to fight materialism.

FIRST-PERSON: Preaching under pressure

SBC Pastors' Conference President H.B. Charles Jr. shares principles for preaching through seasons of congregational conflict. "Preaching through a storm," he writes, "anchors the pulpit to the tried and proven Word of God."

CALL TO PRAYER: It’s a ‘first response, not a last resort’

Florida pastor H.B. Charles Jr. notes that prayer must be "our first response, not our last resort" to difficulties and disappointments. "It may seem nothing is happening" as a result of prayer, Charles comments. "But God is at work. Don't stop praying!"