J.D. Greear

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FIRST-PERSON: The apostle Paul’s response to our ‘cancel culture’

For many people, the way to deal with difficult relationships is not to fix them, but simply to end them, J.D. Greear says. But the Gospel sends us into the world to love people who will sometimes offend us.

FIRST PERSON: It’s time to retire the Broadus gavel

SBC President J.D. Greear says "it is time to retire the Broadus gavel," in use at SBC annual meetings since 1872 but named after a slaveholder and supporter of the Confederacy, because of the "mixed messages" it sends.

FIRST-PERSON: Who’s Your One is not just a slogan

J.D. Greear calls on Southern Baptists to lament the downward trend in baptisms and to "ask God what He would have each us do about it."

FIRST-PERSON: A call to a day of fasting and prayer

J.D. Greear invites Southern Baptists to join him and other SBC leaders to pray and fast on the National Day of Prayer May 7 and outlines eight aspects of prayer to consider.

FIRST-PERSON: Updating your church’s playbook for COVID-19

"The mission of your church hasn't changed," J.D. Greear says. "... But changing times call for changing strategies." Greear explains how his church reimagined ministry for this unusual time.

Why canceling the 2020 SBC Annual Meeting is putting ‘Gospel Above All’

Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear offers the rationale for the decision to cancel this year's SBC annual meeting as well as encouragement and ideas for churches as they minister during the COVID-19 crisis.

FIRST-PERSON: What’s the Big Deal About Baptism?

"We make a big deal out of baptism," SBC President J.D. Greear says. He then outlines four truths that shape the way Baptists view baptism.

FIRST-PERSON: Why aren’t Baptists … baptizing?

Southern Baptist Convention pastor J.D. Greear analyzes reasons baptisms may be declining the SBC and proposes some solutions.

FIRST-PERSON: What to do when you have more than enough

The manna God provided the Israelites each morning would go bad if they tried to keep it overnight. "So, if there was extra manna, what should they have done with it?" J.D. Greear asks. "They should have shared it."

Call to Orlando

SBC President J. D. Greear looks ahead to the 2020 SBC annual meeting and shares some things he's excited about.