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Ventura slip-up allows ‘Christian Heritage Week’

WASHINGTON (BP)--He didn't mean to do it. However, Minnesota's Gov. Jesse Ventura has proclaimed seven days in October "Christian Heritage Week" - but his aides said the proclamation was accidentally submitted to the secretary of state's office along with 16 other orders, CNSNews.com reported Aug. 2.

Jesse Ventura proclaims June as celebration for homosexuals

WASHINGTON (BP)--Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura insulted "the deeply held beliefs of millions of Minnesotans" when he recently proclaimed June of this year as "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration Month," and at the same time refused once again to issue a proclamation noting May 2 as a "National Day of Prayer," according to the Minnesota Family Council.

NPR admits it was ‘inappropriate’ to single out conservative group

WASHINGTON (BP)--While refusing to issue a direct apology, National Public Radio admitted Jan. 30 that it was "inappropriate" to name the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) in connection with a story the network was doing about the FBI's anthrax investigation, CNSNews.com reported Jan. 30.

Canada becomes first country to legalize medicinal marijuana

WASHINGTON (BP)--The Canadian government has made it legal for terminally ill patients and those with chronic conditions to use marijuana to relieve their symptoms, making America's neighbor to the north the first country to allow marijuana use for certain medical conditions, CNSNews.com reported July 30.

Pro-homosexual resolution may face National Education Assoc. convention

WASHINGTON (BP)--The National Education Association is expected to take action on a resolution supporting development of school curriculum and programs to meet the needs of gay and lesbian students when the union holds its annual convention in July in Los Angeles, CNSNews.com reported March 21.

Kennedy hints at filibuster aimed at Ashcroft nomination

WASHINGTON (BP)--As the intense questioning over abortion and gun issues continued Jan. 17 in the confirmation hearings of attorney general designate John Ashcroft, the Senate Judiciary Committee's leading liberal hinted he may stage a filibuster on the Senate floor to block a vote on Ashcroft, CNSNews.com reported Jan. 17.

Parade’s Magi among targets of Cuba’s state-run media

HAVANA (BP)--Cuba's state-run media vehemently criticized an Epiphany parade in downtown Havana Jan. 6 organized by Spain's embassy, describing the state-run media as an "imported capitalist show dangerous for local children," CNSNews.com reported.

Former education secretary creates K-12 private school over Internet

WASHINGTON (BP)--Former U.S. Education Secretary Bill Bennett, who served in the Reagan Administration, has begun an on-line private school for students in kindergarten through the 12th grade, according to a report in CNSNews.com.