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Don’t underestimate cloning claims of rogue scientists, Brit counsels

LONDON (BP)--Claims by a rogue Italian scientist that three women are currently pregnant with cloned embryos should not be taken lightly, according to a leading British pro-life group.

Dutch euthanasia law takes effect April 1

LONDON (BP)--The Netherlands became the first country in the world to officially sanction euthanasia after a controversial new law came into force April 1, CNSNews.com reported.

BBC censored pro-life videotape, court rules

LONDON (BP)--A pro-life group scored a surprising victory in a top British appeals court when a judge ruled that the BBC and other broadcasters unlawfully refused to show an anti-abortion video during last June's general election campaign.

British panel gives scientists OK for ‘therapeutic’ embryo cloning

LONDON (BP)--British scientists received permission Feb. 27 to clone human embryos after a government committee judged that copying human cells could lead to the development of treatments for disease, CNSNews.com reported.

Smallpox vaccine’s stem cell link prompts pro-life group’s concern

LONDON (BP)--A pro-life group is warning that thousands of Americans might refuse a smallpox vaccine created from a stem cell line derived from an aborted fetus, CNSNews.com reported Nov. 28.