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Remind daughters, ‘Don’t marry a bozo’

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP) – Straight-talking Jackie Kendall tells moms, “Don’t let your daughter marry a bozo.”

Kendall didn’t hold back from telling moms they have a responsibility to keep their girls safe from predatory guys, in speaking to a room full of women during a breakout session at this fall’s .Mom (pronounced Dot Mom) event in Birmingham, Ala.

“The greatest abuse is letting your [daughter] grow up thinking the world revolves around her,” Kendall said. “The easiest way to make sure a girl is a bozo-magnet is to teach her that everything is all about her.

“Is your girl growing in her love for Jesus?” Kendall asked. “Does she see that you are? Does she have a pattern of doing for others at home and at church?”

Kendall warned that girls who aren’t helping other people are usually self-focused and will attract guys who are aware of this vulnerability.

“Do you know why older guys date younger girls?” Kendall asked. “It’s because they are easier to seduce.” Advising moms to step in if they see their freshman daughter dating a senior boy in high school or college, she said, “These guys see these younger girls as easy fruit. A girl will be all swooning and flattered that the older guy is interested in her, but you need to stop that relationship. He isn’t interested in her, just interested in using her.”

Kendall warned the women that as mothers, Sunday School teachers or in other roles where they are around girls regularly, they need to watch for signs of abuse in girls who are in relationships with guys.

“Remind them that sex will ruin a good relationship and sustain a bad one,” she said. “If you see a girl in a really bad [verbally, emotionally or physically] abusive relationship, there is sex involved. These precious girls get involved with these bozo guys and get led around like dogs.”

Girls need to be reminded that they need to require guys to treat them with respect, Kendall said.

“No sexual control before marriage means no sexual control after marriage. Fornication will lead to adultery,” she said.

Kendall is author of several books, including “Lady in Waiting: Becoming God’s Best While Waiting for Mr. Right,” “The Young Lady in Waiting: Developing the Heart of a Princess” and “A Man Worth Waiting For: How to Avoid a Bozo.”

“These girls have to know that waiting for Mr. Right is important,” Kendall said. “What is worse than waiting? Wishing you had.”
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