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REVIEW: Third Day builds legacy with ‘Come Together’ CD

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Over the last five years, Essential Records’ Third Day has risen and painted its unique picture in the Christian music industry. Now, the Artist and Group of the Year Dove Award winners are back to enrich their legacy in their new album “Come Together.”

The focus of Come Together, as you might guess, is unity. Specifically, it is aimed at breaking denominational barriers among churches and uniting the nation in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The unity theme carried through many of the songs featured on the project.

“We came up with this ‘come together’ idea maybe a year and a half ago,” Third Day guitarist Mark Lee said in a press release. “But after that, to see the election last year, and see how divided this country was afterward, I just think it’s a really fitting title for the time that we’re in right now.”

The group tossed up some new ideas and experiments in this album and I think they worked nicely. Lead singer Mac Powell used a variety of styles, although his voice is still strong and flawless, such as in the song “My Heart.”

In “Come Together,” “I Got You” and “My Heart,” the band creates a more modern sound, adding digital beats and beeps.

“I think the songs are better,” Powell stated. “We stepped out of our comfort zone a little bit musically. Everyone always says their new record is their best, but I really feel that.”

I half expected Third Day would continue in the praise and worship style they created in their previous CD, “Offerings.” However, I was glad they didn’t abandon their roots in southern rock and created a mix between the two sounds.

As they showed us in Offerings’ “King of Glory,” Third Day really knows how to write some powerful lyrics, and it continues in this album.

“I Don’t Know” and “Show Me Your Glory” are both prime examples of Third Day’s work. From the theme of the CD, unity (“Come Together”), to the grace of God (“I Don’t Know”) and having an encouraging tongue (“Get On”), the band hits Christian issues that many people face in their walk with Christ.

Some loyal fans may find the style a little different from the band’s previous work. It may take some time to get used to, but it sure doesn’t hurt the overall product and I think it adds some spice to the music. Third Day has really come together in making this album.

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