VIsion 2025

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Vision 2025 amended, adopted by messengers

NASHVILLE (BP) – After two amendments, messengers to the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting adopted Vision 2025, a strategic initiative aimed at reaching every person in the world with the Gospel, by vote of acclamation Tuesday (June 15).

FIRST-PERSON: We can make a difference together

NASHVILLE (BP) – It gives me such joy to see thousands of messengers and churches prioritizing this year’s SBC Annual Meeting on June 15-16, 2021. We are always at our best when we have pastors and laypersons involved in our Convention ministries and annual gatherings.

FIRST-PERSON: We must find a way forward together

NASHVILLE (BP) – One of the most difficult challenges of leadership is to rise up and lead people forward together. I know I cannot fix every problem in the Southern Baptist Convention. What I can do is rise beyond my own preferences and desires in order to be part of something greater than myself.

FIRST-PERSON: The present state of the SBC

NASHVILLE (BP) – Before we come together for our 2021 SBC Annual Meeting in Nashville, I want to share a few thoughts on the present state of the Convention.

FIRST-PERSON: Rediscovering the public invitation

NASHVILLE (BP) – We need to rediscover the public invitation in worship services across America.

FIRST-PERSON: Reaching and mobilizing college students

NASHVILLE (BP) – We have more than 21 million college and university students in America, 1 million of whom hail from nations outside the United States. I believe we must do all we can to reach and mobilize these students for Gospel impact. The churches of our SBC network must work together to accomplish this great vision of reaching and mobilizing college and university students.

Vision 2025: CP needs ‘all hands on deck’ to reach $500 million

The Cooperative Program (CP) has caught on with Iowa Baptists – to say the least.

Vision 2025: Teens ‘consumed with Christ’ can reverse baptism dip

SOMERVILLE, Tenn. (BP) – A steady stream of teenagers is coming to faith in Christ at Fayette Baptist Church.

Vision 2025: Ministry calling push to address worker shortage

AUBURN, Ala. (BP) – A year into his pastorate at Lakeview Baptist Church, Al Jackson was approached by three men who said they felt called to Gospel ministry. So he began meeting with them as a group one morning per week for a ministry training session.

Vision 2025: 5,000 new congregations ‘reachable’ if churches ‘step forward’

BOSTON (BP) – Soon after it launched in 2005, Boston’s Grace Church had a realization: nonbelievers would drive an hour for work or Little League, but they wouldn’t travel for church. So Grace began plotting where its members lived on a map. Whenever they saw a cluster of 25-30 members in an area, they prayed for a leader to plant a church there.