Dan DeWitt

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FIRST PERSON: Prayers for Kanye

Kanye West is an artist, and we shouldn't expect him to quit making art because of his conversion. Rather, we should hope and pray that his faith will find expression in his music, Dan DeWitt says.

FIRST-PERSON: AI, sentience and human life

Cedarville University apologist Dan DeWitt explores artificial intelligence and God's creation in affirming of the sanctity of human life. "God is the author of life," DeWitt says, "and try as some might, no one can take His place."

FIRST-PERSON: Why can’t Christians agree?

Christians are not as divided as some people may think, Dan DeWitt writes; "it just means there are important features about Christianity upon which civilized thinking believers can agree to disagree."

FIRST-PERSON: Obviously God

The creation, Dan DeWitt writes, reveals both God's glory and His wrath. "It's a matter of vantage point. The believer sees glory. The unbeliever sees wrath," he writes.

FIRST-PERSON: Loving our atheist neighbors

"Christians can be guilty of overlooking the simple fact that atheists are people, too," writes columnist Dan DeWitt. "It's more convenient to deal with them as objects instead of subjects...," he says. "The only problem with all this is that it is contrary to the spirit of Christ."

A new ‘Cosmos,’ same message

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP) -- The first documentary by the title of "Cosmos" was broadcast in 1980. Now the show is back.

FIRST-PERSON: How is evil compatible with the Gospel?

College dean Dan DeWitt discusses how evil is compatible with the Gospel and how believers can take heart in a world filled with dangers.