Michael Kelley

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4 Words That Will Change the Way You Lead

He’s not like us. We subtly beg for compliments, we subversively seek affirmation, we passive-aggressively look for allies – but not Jesus. Jesus knows what He’s about. And He knows that what He offers is the only thing that truly satisfies.

The Slow and Steady Pace of Discipleship

Most of the mechanisms God uses to transform us into Christlikeness aren’t big; they're small. They are the series of choices we face day after day. This is how Paul described growing in Christ – not as something exciting, but as a methodical process akin to that of athletic training:

THANKSGIVING: A garden of gratitude

Michael Kelley draws from the experience of planting a vegetable garden -- from seeds to harvest -- to reflect on how to cultivate gratitude in one's heart.

CHRISTMAS: Herod, Joseph, you & me

Michael Kelley notes how the Herod, volatile and murderous, and Joseph in his humility had something in common: They both recognized they must respond to this infant born in a meager stable.

THANKSGIVING: Giving thanks ‘in’ & ‘for’

Michael Kelley ponders whether there is a difference in giving thanks "in" all circumstances and giving thanks "for" all circumstances.

FIRST-PERSON: Remember that Jesus wept

Be careful in the midst of a tragedy, Michael Kelley writes, in how theological insights are placed before those who are hurting.

LABOR DAY: Your work matters

Michael Kelley ponders the question, Does our work really matter? Remember, he writes, that "God is sovereign. You are created in His image. He is making you more like Jesus. And He is providing for the good of others through your job."

THANKSGIVING: Should you ‘thank’ your way to thankfulness?

Michael Kelley ponders whether it is possible to "thank your way into a spirit of gratitude, or is doing so disingenuous and fake?" One key, he notes, is to remember that "true gratitude is rooted not in circumstance but in the character of God."

FIRST-PERSON: Wisdom for when to stay quiet

Michael Kelley notes that the Bible conveys wisdom "in keeping your mouth shut. Certainly not all the time, but certainly more than most of us do." A "quietness of speech," he notes, is "a part of growing as a disciple of Jesus."

FIRST-PERSON: God doesn’t need to be convinced

God doesn't need to be convinced to give you what you need, writes columnist Michael Kelley. "He already knows what we need, and He is going to give us just that," he notes. "Of course, that does not mean that God is some kind of cosmic genie, granting the selfish wishes of anyone who rubs the lamp in just the right way. It's better than that."