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Union Univ. capital campaign tops goal ahead of schedule

JACKSON, Tenn. (BP)–Union University’s “Building a Future” capital fundraising campaign has been completed one year ahead of schedule and has exceeded its $60 million goal by more than $3 million.

“This is by far the most ambitious capital campaign in Union’s 181 year history, and it is ending as a resounding success,” said Union University President David S. Dockery.

Building a Future started as a $35 million campaign in 1998, but the goal was revised upward two years later, to $60 million. Prior to 1998, Union University’s most ambitious capital campaign goal was $10 million.

Of the $63,100,000 raised during the campaign, $9.6 million will go for endowment and scholarships, $21 million for support of the campus master plan, and nearly $32.5 million for operations gifts and grants.

“Much of the credit for this success is due to the efforts of our three co-chairmen,” Dockery said, referring to Roy L. White of Memphis, Benny Fesmire of Jackson, and James Ayers of Parsons, Tenn.

Each co-chairman was presented with an engraved crystal vase during Union University’s eighth annual scholarship banquet Sept. 22.

Dockery thanked the many donors who gave sacrificially to ensure that campaign was successful.

“God has been so gracious to affirm the mission and vision of Union University through the support and involvement of many friends,” Dockery said. “We are confident that our most hopeful days are still ahead.”

Union University’s board of trustees and staff are embarking on an extensive study of the school’s needs in the next six years. The “Union 2010” study will target areas for additional growth or initial development. It will also identify areas “Building a Future” started to address but did not complete.

Dockery called on Union supporters to prayerfully consider the next steps in that financial journey.

“There are many doors of opportunity opening for us,” Dockery said. “We need your continued prayers and support as we envision Union in 2010.”

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