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A Child’s Cry

"Someone really needs to visit a little girl's parents before she leaves our daycare today to go home," the alarmed preschool announced. "She is badly upset because she believes her parents are divorcing and one of them will be gone forever when she gets home today."

The Metropolitan Baptist Church staff in Houston immediately pulled together a three-person FAITH team who went to that home and discovered the little girl had understood the situation all too well. A moving truck was already loaded and waiting to leave. The father was standing on the front porch talking to the mother who was behind the steering wheel of her packed car, preparing to pull out the driveway. The team pulled their car into the drive, blocking the mother's car. (Such a blocking maneuver is not a part of FAITH training, but it was useful that day!)

Soon the wife, husband, and the team were having a sincere and heartfelt conversation that led the team to present the gospel using the FAITH outline. Both parents of that little girl prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Then the team helped the husband and wife unpack the moving vehicles and put the things back in the home!

Now listen to this! As the FAITH team prepared to leave, the mother came to their car and told them the rest of the story. She said, "Just after I gassed up my car and headed back to pack it and leave, I pulled over on the side of the road. I looked toward heaven and cried, 'Dear Lord, if You really are up there, please, please help us before our family and our lives come apart and are ruined!'" Then, with tears in her eyes, she exclaimed, "I believe you three from the church were sent by God as the answer to my prayer!"

Since then, I've often wondered exactly when that woman prayed. Was it at the point the little girl cried out to her teacher for help? Was it when the teacher cried out to the pastor and staff for help? Was it when the FAITH team came together to help? I don't know, but I do know it was when God was willing to hear and three people were willing to help. God is still willing to hear — what else do we need?

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  • Bobby Welch