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The Preacher Burnout Test

Since America has been inundated with Twelve-Step Programs, Self-Help Groups, and "How to Spot the Signs Of …" articles in every magazine, it only seems fair that Baptist preachers not be left out of the loop. This is a test to determine if your minister has reached the end of his rope.

A word of warning: this list is for church members, not the pastors. They need your help. They cannot spot these subtle signs in themselves. Only a loving, caring and compassionate church member can take this test for the over-worked, over-wrought and over-stressed leader. Place this test in your Bible and check off the signs as they become apparent, and then submit them to your preacher. After he reviews the list, send him on a weekend vacation!

How to Know if Your Pastor is Burned Out

1. Does your pastor talk to his children using the words, "Thee, Thy, Thou, and Thusly?"

2. Does your pastor try to divide the TV Guide into chapters and verses?

3. Do his kids call him "Preacher" and act surprised when he shows up on birthdays?

4. Does he count coming home for lunch as a pastoral visit?

5. When his child falls down and skins his knee, does your pastor say, "Boy, that will make a great illustration!"

6. Does he cheer at ball games by screaming Amen!"

7. Does your pastor put on a tie to mow the lawn?

8. Does he count the dogs in the church yard as part of the Sunday school totals?

9. Will he only sit down to dinner after his wife calls the meeting to order and opens the floor for new business?

10. Does he pass out his business card at family reunions?

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  • E. Michael Caner