David E. Prince

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A plan for simple but hard discipleship

In the life of Jesus, we see unstained love and faultless meekness, both are expressions of his boundless strength and sovereign power. Never was any man so full of compassion and so bold for truth. His love, kindness, and grace were not the result of moral weakness or passivity. His very life was a repudiation of sin and a demonstration of holy moral perfection.

FIRST-PERSON: Will the Equality Act be the end of female sports?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (BP) – As a husband, pastor, and the father of eight children, five of whom are daughters, there are many reasons I am deeply troubled by H.R. 5, legislation ironically named the Equality Act. In this article, I want to focus on my concerns as a girl dad who loves sports.

FIRST-PERSON: Baseball — routine plays & the sacrifice

Seminary professor David Prince recounts his high school baseball coach's lessons on routine plays and the sacrifice. "My love for the game of baseball, and the influence of courageous and gracious men who also love the game, like Wayne Mitchell, have helped shape my life," Prince writes.

Strength & weakness in Gospel community

LEXINGTON, Ky. (BP) -- Christians who are physically and mentally challenged, seminary professor David Prince writes, can remind the church that it is "not a gathering place for the cultural elite but a sovereignly designed community of the ignoble, weak and low."

FIRST-PERSON: Do you want happy kids?

Seminary professor David E. Prince examines the wisdom of parenting that seeks to raise "good, happy, safe kids."

FIRST-PERSON: An evangelical war on marriage?

Evangelicals have undercut marriage by an overemphasis on education and career, seminary professor David Prince writes. "Christian marriage and the glorious Gospel it represents liberates them from the ball and chain of trying to live the American dream," he contends.

FIRST-PERSON: The ‘ferocious Christian gentleman’ behind Jackie Robinson’s famous moment

Jackie Robinson was the first black player in the big leagues, but it would not have happened if not for a baseball exec who was driven by his Christian faith to integrate the game, says columnist David E. Prince.

FIRST-PERSON: How baseball is like the Christian walk

Baseball, columnist David E. Prince says, is similar to the daily Christian walk it its focus on "managed failure."

FIRST-PERSON: An MLB opening day confession

Baseball fan David Prince lists everything he loves about baseball --the hope that opening day brings, a stadium filled with people from every background, a 162-game season that requires "managed failure." Baseball has parallels to the church, Prince says.

FIRST-PERSON: Why every kid should be a winner and a loser

There are solid biblical reasons for keeping score in children's sporting events, columnist and pastor David Prince asserts.