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FIRST-PERSON: 10 reasons to oppose ‘gay marriage’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (BP)–In a remarkably short period of time, the homosexual lobby has so successfully pressed its claims that America is now on the verge of a massive redefinition of the most fundamental institution of society -– marriage. Catapulted by a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling and the highly celebrated actions of a few politicians across the nation, the prospect of a marriage revolution has now become a central issue in American life -– and will undoubtedly be a key factor in the 2004 presidential contest.

With the state of Massachusetts now recognizing same-sex “marriage,” Christians who understand their biblical obligation to be good citizens (Romans 13:1-7) must not stand on the sidelines during this critical debate. As we talk with relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers and others, Christians need to be able to give sound arguments for why “gay marriage” is bad for our society as well as for those who wish to engage in such a lifestyle.

Ranking in order of least to greatest importance, here are 10 reasons to oppose same-sex “marriage”:

10. Many homosexuals are on our side. While the homosexual lobby has pushed for the “right” to “marry” as part of its broader public policy strategy to gain acceptance and endorsement, it’s clear that many homosexuals really don’t want to marry. Indeed, homosexuals see marriage as a key feature of the heterosexual culture which they wish to demolish in their attempt to radically change sexual morality in our society.

9. America is on our side. Especially after last summer’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling which overturned Texas’ law against sodomy, American public opinion has been galvanized against “gay marriage” with significant majorities opposed.

8. History is on our side. Never in human history has marriage meant anything other than the union of a man and a woman. Further, no society -– at least until very recently -– has recognized the legitimacy of same-sex “marriage.”

7. Language is on our side. The words “homosexual” and “marriage” cannot be combined logically to mean anything; they are oxymoronic: two words that are contradictory. It is literally a redefinition of language to suggest marriage can mean anything other than the union of a man and a woman.

6. Religious liberty is on our side. America’s First Amendment protects the free exercise of religion. Nevertheless, homosexuals who now lobby for same-sex “marriage” will not stop at mere governmental endorsement of their immoral activity; one day they will insist that all society -– including evangelical churches -– condone, protect and even bless these “marriages.” Far-fetched? Look at the numerous examples of the deterioration of religious freedom of those with politically incorrect, biblical convictions.

5. The “slippery slope” argument is on our side. Those who demand that same-sex “marriage” must be legalized have an obligation to explain why marriage is not appropriate for any other deviant sexual pattern adults and/or minors would wish to enter into. If homosexual “marriage” must be permitted, why shouldn’t polygamy, incest, pedophilia and other sexual immorality? Indeed, how will these practices be denied if “gay marriage” is granted?

4. Nature is on our side. One need not hold to any particular religious convictions to understand from common sense that men and women are different. Same-sex relationships are contrary to the natural order. “Gender distinctions are not simply an artificial social construct,” Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton has written. “Men and women are uniquely designed to complement each other physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

3. Children are on our side. A primary reason for marriage is procreation –- bringing children into the world. Children need both mothers and fathers. “Deliberately depriving a child of a mother or a father is not in the child’s best interest,” Stanton notes. Research demonstrates the critical value of both fathers and mothers in the formation of children.

2. The restoration of the family is on our side. Even before the current campaign for “gay marriage,” it’s clear that America is in the midst of a massively dangerous, destructive experiment with marriage at severe cost to families and our society. Between 1960 and 2000, U.S. households with married couples declined from 78 to 52 percent, with the total number of households with unmarried partners increasing by 72 percent just between 1990 and 2000. The explosion of no-fault divorce and serial marriages is further undermining the biblical ideal for marriage. Same-sex “marriage” will accelerate these damaging trends.

1. America must be on God’s side. All truth is God’s truth, which is why all the foregoing reasons against homosexual “marriage” are valid. God’s Word explains why they are true. Every reason to oppose “gay marriage” is secondary to the fact that God has spoken. Starting in the Bible’s first book with the creation of man and woman, which as the pinnacle of creation He calls “very good” (Gen. 1:31), and continuing through the last book, God’s plan for marriage is abundantly clear.

The fact that Scripture points to marriage as the union of husband and wife as a picture of Christ’s union with His church (Ephesians 5:22-33) demonstrates the critical nature of the “gay marriage” debate. For Christians to compromise on “gay marriage” is to obscure an important illustration of the Gospel message. Same-sex “marriage” is wrong because God designed marriage to be the lifetime union between one man and one woman. Societies that reject God’s plan reap the consequences of that rebellion.

During the Civil War a visitor to the White House confidently asserted to the president that God was on the side of the North. Abraham Lincoln famously answered, “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my great concern is to be on God’s side.”

Christians must stand up for authentic marriage because America must be on God’s side.
James A. Smith Sr. is executive editor of the Florida Baptist Witness, online at www.floridabaptistwitness.com.

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